Ear To Hear Healthcare & Zephyr Hearing Aid Center Accused Of Preying On Hard Of Hearing Consumers With COVID-19 Stimulus Scam


This week, the Federal Trade Commission and Missouri Attorney General announced that they had sent warning letters to two companies that were sending mailers to Americans suggesting they could provide government stimulus money to customers so they could purchase hearing aids. The letters claim that the mailers implied consumers would be eligible for government stimulus benefits specifically for the purpose of buying hearing aids.

It was also claimed that the companies were able to provide that benefit. The mailers included language such as “Call Today to Secure Your Stimulus Money.” and “CORONA-VIRUS (sic) PANDEMIC HEARING AIR STIMULUS PACKAGE ANNOUNCED FOR MISSOURI.”

The mailers were sent with a document designed to look like a $1,000 check made out to the customer. That document was label an “official authorized voucher” and it had instructions for endorsing it on the back. The letters were sent to warn recipients to stop making deceptive claims and to instruct them to notify the FTC and State of Missouri within 48 hours about how they intend to address the concerns raised in the letters.

The letter was sent by FedEx to Ear to Hear Healthcare LLC in Estero, Florida and Zephyr Hearing Aid Center in Troy, Missouri. A copy can be found here.

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