eBay Seller “ezr_rider” Taiwan Counterfeit Dropshipper – True Or False!


We received a message from a viewer, regarding eBay seller “ezr_rider”. The customer claimed to have purchased a Race Face Evolve XC Alloy Seatpost. Upon delivery, the customer discovered the seatpost was a knockoff. After thorough research, the seatpost could not be found on any other website, including the Race Face official website and Amazon.

Image: Nayzayerz

The customer paid $39.89 plus tax ($42.28) for the seatpost. The shipping label showed the package was shipped from Express 5620 Grace PL, Commerce, CA 90022. A Google search connects the address to TransRush, a Chinese shipping company. This explains the shipping label, which stated the package was shipped from “the shipper not the seller.”

Image: Nayzayerz

The customer contacted the eBay seller who immediately responded with a return shipping label, with the following address: IDS Online Corp, 2A Corn Rd., Dayton, NJ 08810. A Google search revealed IDS Online Corp is a logistics and fulfillment shipping provider for overseas online vendors.

Image: Nayzayerz

The president of IDS Online Corp is supposedly “Benson Ho”.

Image: Nayzayerz

Multiple Online Vendors Using TransRush Shipping

Nayzayerz comprised a list of online vendors utilizing the 5620 Grace PL, Commerce, CA 90022.

  • Max Curls – An unofficial online vendor that does not appear to be in operation. The vendor has an “F” BBB rating related to non-deliveries.
Image: BBB
  • Mars Hydro “MARSHYDRO”– An unofficial LED lighting vendor
Image: Mars Hydro
  • OasisJoy – An unofficial clothing vendor
  • Cheap Bike Parts 360 – An unofficial bicycle parts store
  • Toby & Ace – An unofficial pest accessory vendor
  • Needcosmetice.com – Scam domain
  • Fairmontlakesfoundation.com – The domain redirects to Gadvasur.com that utilizes the email address suuy2020@msn.com. A Google search connects the email to various scam websites – kgetcode.com, scustomtows.com, belginih.com, and signal-amaques.com.
  • Zetawatches.com
  • HMINLED “hminled.net” – LED vendor
  • Fonolive.com – business directory website
  • Reddeerwatches.com – Online watch vendor
  • Buzztoyshop
  • Citywatches.ca – Online watch vendor
  • Samodelcar.com – Model car vendor
  • Motopartshop.com
  • Intertalk-sales.com

AnyCubic – Online 3D Laser Printer

During our search, we discovered the unofficial vendor “AnyCubic.” The vendor sells the AnyCubic Mono X, a 3D laser printer. AnyCubic supposedly scammed a customer $760 for a faulty 3D laser printer. The post (see image below) claims the customer requested a refund after months of failed repair attempts. AnyCubic agreed to accept the return with one exception, the customer be responsible for a $900 return shipping fee.

Image: Reddit

The customer claims to have reached out to the City Hall in Commerce, California. An employee told the customer, the Grace PL address was not legit, as 90022 covers East LA, not Commerce.

AnyCubic has a 2.1-star out of 5 Trustpilot rating. The low rating is related to numerous customer complaints, regarding poor customer service, poor quality products, and refusal to back return/refund policy.

EZR_Rider – Branding Unofficial Products

A Google search revealed Race Face Evolve XC Alloy Seatpost may have never existed. The search rendered a single website “beelinecycles.co.uk” Beeline Bicycles Limited at 205 Cowley Road, Oxford, OX4 1XA. Beeline Bicycles is a private limited company, according to the UK Companies House website.

Image: Beeline Bicycles Limited

So, it is possible, the seatpost did exist but is an older version. There is not enough information to make this determination.

Image: UK Companies House

ezr_rider eBay store is filled with what looks to be knockoffs. Our research did not render exact matches for most of the products. The products appear in the search, but the designs are different. For example, the Vintage Zokes Pro Bike Suspension is orange and black, while the search rendered red/black, blue/black, and black designs.

Image: eBay
Image: Bing Search

eBay seller roz_parts is also offering the same fork. Both ezr_rider and roz_parts are based in Taiwan. It is possible, they are one and the same.


It is possible eBay sellers are rebranding Chinese-manufactured knockoffs utilizing outdated, discontinued name-brand products? It is possible since the images just do not add up.

We do not recommend buying from international vendors utilizing the Grace PL address, which is a shipping company. These vendors are nothing more than dropshippers that are rebranding Chinese-manufactured products to make them look legit.

Nayzayerz reached out to Race Face. A representative emailed back, with the following message, “I wouldn’t order anything through eBay or Amazon.”

Enough said, heed this advice or take the risk of buying knockoff products at brand-name prices.

12 thoughts on “eBay Seller “ezr_rider” Taiwan Counterfeit Dropshipper – True Or False!

  1. You can add Aukey to the list brands sold through this sham company. I bought a Aukey keyboard based on a recommendation from How-To-Geek The keyboard is unusable. Aukey says it wasn’t their order. I contacted the shipped from the above address via e-mail address Runhoverboard @gmail.com, no response. I’ve been scammed by all.

    1. Sorry to hear about your loss. Would love to know when someone is going to put these scam artists in their place. Have you tried to request a chargeback from your credit card company or PayPal. Of course, PayPal will not want to help unless you file a BBB claim.

      This is a lesson to be learned, thanks for sharing.

  2. The same happened to me. I ordered from fitsnore.com two of their anti snoring devices with a 60/days return policy guarantee and it was shipped from this same address, Express Shipper, Ca I’m trying to return the devices but Is saying that I cannot use the shipper address. I’ve contacted fit snore but they’ve not responded to my emails. I have already filed a dispute complaint with the Bank. Please be careful when ordering from Fitsnore com

  3. I ordered a 3D printer from the Longer 3D company and apparently they used the Online Seller 5620 Grace Place Commerce Ca 90022 facility to fulfill my order. Upon arrival I inspected the package and found many bent parts and dents. I have contacted the costumer service for Longer and they will not reply.

    1. Request a refund or file BBB against eBay. It will not impact your account, but it will get you a refund. Why eBay continues to allow this scammer to sell on its platform is questionable. Share your experience with everyone. You may be able to get a chargeback from your credit card company. Someone needs to be held responsible for this scam artist. And, that someone should be eBay.

  4. I bought 2 animal repellent gadgets some time ago. By usig in the sun, its lence became brittle and broke into smal peces. Can I get some lences to replace in the empty hole of the gadget.

  5. I also received a sham online product a Circa Knee Sleeve from Caresole held by GMT Assets LLC drop shipped from this address. The Asia call center at 1-877-334-3354 would not refund unless I returned the product at my expense. They never sent the Refund Directions promised. Other refund policies for a company at this address also state a $25 restocking fee.


    Online Seller
    560 Grace Pl.
    Commerce, CA 90022

    Contact the Caresole Team:
    By Email: support@caresole .com
    GMT Assets LLC
    11 Broadway, Suite 615, New York, NY 10004


    Their email address is also host to a slew of other scam companies and online products that have since been blasting me with spam.


  6. Received an automatic cat litter with 30 day return period. Cat wouldn’t use it. Shipped by Online seller EXPRESS in Commerce, CA. MFG by PETREE who fails to respond via email and China phone # defunct. Need shipping label to return but they don’t respond invalidating 30 day return policy.

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