Elkeworks & Sherwoody – Slashing Brand Prices Up to 75% Scam


Elkeworks.com is an e-commerce store. The Elkeworks product line includes motorcycle accessories, power tools, furniture, automotive electronics, toys, bodybuilding equipment, novelty items, and more.

About Elkeworks

The website does not have an About Us page. The Contact Us page provides the address 725 Sutherlands Creed Rd., Anakie, VIC 32221. A Google Maps search connects the address to a residential property. The address is utilized by various online stores, including:

Image: elkesworks.com
  • Sherwoody Shop
  • All Minced Up

The vendor utilizes contact email, kerrywood658986@gmail.com, and phone number (+614) 411985839.

2.2-Star Trustpilot Rating

Elkeworks has a 2.2-star customer rating via Trustpilot. A review posted on November 18, 2021, claims an order was purchased and never received. The customer claims the vendor placed more orders without authorization.

Image: Trustpilot

Lesley claimed to have gone through the process of placing an order, without authorizing the order. The customer claims the order is still pending because it was not completed. The PayPal accountholder is YIWU Kante Trading Co. Ltd, according to the victim.

Image: Trustpilot

Sherwoody Shop And Elkeworks Connected

When you visit Sherwoody.shop, you are redirected to Elkesworks. Both websites offer name-brand products at significantly reduced prices. Sherwoody.shop is redirected to Elkesworks, which basically means the same vendor is running both websites.

Image: Sherwoody.shop

Domain Information

Elkesworks.com was registered on September 29, 2003. Sherwoody.shop was registered on June 10, 2021.

Image: WhoIs
Image: WhoIs

Significantly Reduced Prices

Elkesworks offers name-brand products at significantly reduced prices. For example, the Garmin DriveSmart86 is officially priced at $179.99. The Elkesworks’ price is $90.42.

Image: Elkesworks.com
Image: Garmin.com

Not Accredited By BBB

Elkesworks is not BBB-accredited. It does not have a BBB filing.

Afterword – Elkeworks Scam

Is Elkesworks a scam? According to the Trustpilot customer reviews, the website is a scam. There are a few red flags to be on the lookout for, including the drastically reduced prices. This is typical of online e-commerce scams. The vendor underprices brand-name products in hopes of drawing in a few vulnerable customers.

The website is not registered with BBB. It does have a Trustpilot filing, with a 2.2-star rating. The Trustpilot reviews are very revealing. The vendor has a history of scamming consumers through unauthorized purchases and non-deliveries.

There is no possible way for the vendor to make a profit but to slash prices by 50 to 75 percent in most cases. To make a profit, the vendor will take the customer’s money and not ship out the order. There is no fear of retribution unless PayPal decides to get involved. If you expect PayPal to take a loss, you better think again. The result is a win-win for the scam artist and PayPal, the victim is at a financial loss with nowhere to turn.

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