EMBCC Patient Services – Owned And Operated By The Schumacher Group


Embcc.com is an online patient payment portal utilized by internists (hospitalists), licensed physicians authorized to treat inpatients, hospitalized patients. EMBCC oversees billing and payments for inpatient doctors. Patients can log into the EMBCC patient services portal to access their accounts, update their healthcare insurance and personal information, and make payments. 

About Us 

The About Us does not provide any significant information to help validate the legitimacy of the website. No physical address, only the toll-free phone number (888) 703-3301.

BBB shows the website connected to the Schumacher Clinical Partners (SCP) firm. When you click on the provided website schumacherclinical.com link, it takes you to scp-health.com. The Patient Billing link for the EMBCC Patient Services Portal (emb.patientwallet.com). 

Image: Louisiana Secretary Of State

Schumacher Clinical Partners (SCP Health) is a Louisiana-registered company located at 200 Corporate Blvd, Ste 201, Lafayette, LA 70508, according to the Louisiana Secretary of State website. 

It may be that the website was updated to emb.patientwallet.com at a later date but it is still active. 

A 2016 merger between the Schumacher Group and Hospital Physician Partners created one of the largest staffing companies in the United States. The company partners with approximately 358 hospitals, serving about 6 million patients annually.

Domain Information

Embcc.com was registered on May 31, 2002, to the Schumacher Group of Delaware.

Image: WhoIs


Embcc.com is a legit website that is owned and operated by the Schumacher Group, a legitimate Louisiana-based company.

7 thoughts on “EMBCC Patient Services – Owned And Operated By The Schumacher Group

  1. Call me to discuss and explain the invoice you sent to me for physician services rendered at St. Joseph West in Lake St. Louis, MO. Gerald Rood: 636-542-0848

  2. Hello. I paid my bill 6/24/2021 for 3/30/2021. The amount I paid was $277.02. The only reason I called on June 24 was to file a complaint against the Dr. But as usual you obviously didn’t read or listen to the lady I spoke with over the phone. She genuinely cared. Why in the world would you send a letter with the another bill telling me you consider and reviewed the bill and I still owed it. So no one listened . It’s pretty clear no time was spent on this considering I called the 24 and you mailed the letter the 25. I would like to receive a phone call on this but I doubt I do. Kudos to the lady that took my phone call on the 24. More os your staff need to be like her. It you can email.

  3. You keep sending me a bill for services that were not paid by medicare. If you would have followed my directions you would have seen that I am 100% covered by VA for services and emergency services. The bill for services should have been sent to VA not medicare as I instructed in the first place. This is your responsibility not mine. Please take care of this in the right manner. You should have all the info you need to do this as the hospital took copies of my VA card and medicare card.

  4. Good luck getting assistance !!
    I have a primary insurer AND Medicare. EMBCC billed primary insurance and was paid. They have not billed Medicare yet that I can see on any invoice. Instead they bill me. Are they hoping that I will blindly pay, then they will bill Medicare?? I wonder…

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