Eterneva – From Ashes To Diamonds

0 is a website that claims to create diamonds from human and animal hair and ashes. For $2,999, you will get a unique diamond designed from your deceased furbaby or loved one’s ashes and/or hair.

Is This Possible?

Diamonds are carbon atoms that have been exposed to high temperatures and pressure, resulting in crystal formations. Human bodies are about 18% carbon, making it possible to transform them into diamonds after passing.

One of the first companies to transform human remains into diamonds was Switzerland-based ALGORDANZA that was established in 2004.


Image: Algordanza

About Us

The About Us claims Eterneva was established by Adelle Archer who contributes the idea for her company to the passing of her friend “Tracy.”

Business Search

Eterneva Inc. is a legitimate Texas-based company.

Image: Texas Comptroller

Eterneva Scam

Rumors have it that Eterneva is a “scam” even though it was backed by billionaire Mark Cuban. In December 2019, Cuban addressed the scam rumors. He told Page Six, he was a “big believer” in Eterneva’s product.

Grant Mobley, a gemologist, went public calling Eterneva “nothing more than a scam.” This was after Cuban paid $600,000 for a 9% share of the company.

Mobley went on to say that human remains from a single individual do not contain adequate carbon for diamond creation.

Archer disputed Mobley’s claims before teaming up with B&B Laboratories and TDI-Brooks to conduct testing on her product. Test results from both labs claimed human remains contained enough carbon to transform into diamonds.


As all consumers should know, laboratory testing can be altered to fit a certain narrative. Archer’s cremation diamond idea surely wasn’t unique, since ALGORDANZA was in the lead by at least five years.

You must decide if a 0.5 carat diamond with your loved one’s human remains is worth $7,000. But, first, you must rule out the possibility of Eterneva being a fraud. Once you do this, you can place an order and never look back.

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