Fancybags.RU – Fraudulent Website Only Accepts Western Union Payments

0 is an e-commerce fashion website. The Fancybags.RU line includes designer – Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Gucci – handbags, wallets, footwear, and accessories.

About The Vendor

The website does not have About Us and Contact Us pages. However, it does list the vendor as being located in Hong Kong, China, and phone number 85259813233 or (852) 5981-3233. A Google search does connect the phone number to the website.

Image: Google Search

Return Policy

Fancybags.RU has a 7-day Return Policy. This is unheard of from an international vendor, especially since handling takes between 2 and 5 days and shipping 7 and 9 days. The vendor claims to refund 95 percent on returned items. But, the FAQs page says otherwise. The vendor claims to charge customers a $50 restocking fee for returned or exchanged purchases.

Image: Fancybags.RU
Image: Fancybags.RU

In another FAQ, the vendor claims to charge a 20 percent fee for returns.

Image: Fancybags.RU

Does Not Accept PayPal

Fancybags.RU was denied a PayPal account. The vendor claims PayPal denied the request due to its product (designer handbags).

Image: Fancybags.RU

It also appears the vendor lost its credit card processing privilege. The vendor claims credit cards are no longer accepted “due to high fraud incident rates.”

The only payment options are Western Union, Transferwise, and Moneygram.

Image: Fancybags.RU

Not Registered With BBB

Fancybags.RU is not registered with or accredited by BBB.

Domain Information

The domain was registered on March 5, 2019.

Image: WhoIs

Not Genuine Designer Handbags

The vendor describes its designer handbags as “replicas.”

Afterword – Fancybags.RU Scam

Is Fancybags.RU a scam? Yes, this is a scam website. PayPal generally does not deny online vendors an account without good cause. It is unclear if the vendor ever had a PayPal account. But, it is possible that its account was closed due to fraud like its merchant credit card processor account. Or, the account was denied right from the get-go due to its merchandise.

Never purchase from an online vendor that only accepts Moneygram or Western Union. Getting a refund would be 100 percent impossible. If you have fallen into the Fancybags.RU scam trap, you should immediately file a complaint with the FBI.

Shipping to Hong Kong, China is outrageous. So, there would be no option for returning an item unless you wanted to double your overall expense.

Image: Fancybags.RU

It is important to note, Fancybags.RU is peddling designer handbag knockoffs, not the real deal. This is not to say that some consumers are not perfectly okay with purchasing replicas. If you want a replica Gucci or Louis Vuitton handbag, check out Amazon or eBay, as these two vendors will at least protect your investment.

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