Fishing Care Package Scam – Why You Should Avoid It


Avid fishermen and women need a lot of equipment including reels, lures, and a good tackle box. So, the services provided by make sense. You’ll receive a mystery box with a handful of items and there is no subscription fee. The site claims there are no gimmicks as well. Is this actually the case? In this article, Nayzayerz will explore the Fishing Care Package scam to find out if it is indeed a scam.

fishing care package scam

Who Is Fishing Packages?

First and foremost, you should know that Fishing Care Package is owned and operated by Fishing Packages Inc. Fishing Care Package is allegedly located at 821 SW Enterprise Way in Stuart, Florida. It is using the phone number (772) 214-6199. The website sells a variety of boxes including the crazy bass box for $9.99. It isn’t all about boxes though. It also sells rods, reels, and other items.

The site says it was founded in 2014.

fishing packages inc scam

Case Number L19-3-1297

We can easily find out that Fishing Packages Inc. has been involved in deceptive and unfair trade practices regarding its online advertising, promotion, marketing, and selling of various goods. Attorney Ashley Moody and her office have entered into an Assurance of Voluntary Compliance against Fishing Packages Inc.

The allegations include that Fishing Packages Inc failed to ship and/or deliver goods within the advertised time frame, failed to deliver goods that had been paid for, delivered lesser quality goods than those advertised, and failed to honor customers’ refund requests. They also failed to honor customer’s cancellation requests and failed to obtain the consumer’s express informed consent before charging their credit card, bank account, and other financial accounts. Finally, it failed to provide customer service.

The company is owned by Bailey Scott Damberg who is also involved in Shout Me Out Marketing Inc. Fishing Care Package LLC is an inactive Florida limited liability organization.

This alone should be enough to convince you to stay away from Fishing Care Package.

fishing care package facebook complaints

The Complaints

Despite the aforementioned action, many consumers have continued to buy from Fishing Care Package. This is evident by looking at the complaints on the site’s BBB page. There are countless complaints about not shipping products. One customer says they ordered two rods on March 19, 2020. By July 1, 2020, they still hadn’t received anything. Another says they ordered 2 Abu Garcia Revo reels and have emailed the site several times. They haven’t received an invoice or any shipping information.

They emailed to cancel the order and never got a response. The majority of the complaints on BBB remain unanswered. This is not a site Nayzayerz wants to do business with.

It should also be noted that Fishing Care Package has been selling products on Amazon. One reviewer from Amazon claims that Fishing Care Package is a scam company. Right now, the company has an F rating with the Better Business Bureau. That feat is difficult to achieve but Fishing Packages Inc has done it.

fishing care package scam amazon

Anger Boiling Over

Numerous consumers have become fed up with the service they received from Fishing Packages. As a result, some have created Facebook pages so they can vent their frustration. Most say they ordered something from the website but received nothing. Consumers deserve better and more. They deserve someone to be punished for this behavior. A simple fine really isn’t enough but it is a step in the right direction.


The Fishing Care Package Scam Continues

Unfortunately, Fishing Care Package is continuing. Despite the complaints and legal action, there is a good chance that it’ll find some unsuspecting customers to rip off. Today, the site owner posted on the Facebook page about selling 1 to 10 pound bulk boxes with free shipping. The page has removed all negative comments and banned anyone who dares to speak out against them.

So, should you buy products from Fishing Care Package? We cannot recommend it. There are too many signs and complaints suggesting it is a scam. Furthermore, mystery boxes in general can be very shady. It is best to pick exactly what you want and add it to your cart. Skip this site or you’ll end up complaining on some Facebook page and filing a complaint with the BBB in hopes of getting your money back.


Other Companies Involved

Fishing Care Package LLC is no longer active but the site is. The managing member is Bailey Damberg. He is also linked to Clean Car Monthly LLC and Shout Me Out Marketing Inc. The former is inactive while the latter is active right now. Do what you will with that information.

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