Fraike Kayak – Stay Afloat By Passing On These Deals


Fraike is an online store that specializes in kayaks. The store has a small kayak selection, all of which are sold at less than a third of the retail price. The brands range from Lifetime to Trailblazer to Topwater and everything in between.

It would be very easy to get enticed to purchase a kayak from Fraike because the wonderful deals are just too good to pass up. But, are they really?

Image from Fraike Kayak

Focusing solely on the Lifetime brand, Fraike has several models to choose from. These include the Tamarack Angler, Tahoma, Payette 98, Glide 98, Stealth Angler, Beacon 120, and Weber Angler. If you compare the retail price featured on the website to that of Lifetime’s retail price, you will notice more than a few discrepancies.

Price Comparison

For example, the Lifetime Tamarack Angler 100 is being sold for a very affordable $91.51, almost a third of the retail price of $264. However, Lifetime’s retail price is $549.99, nearly $300 higher. You must ask yourself where in the world did Fraike get these retail prices. They are across the board significantly lower than the official retail prices.

Image: Lifetime

Again, Fraike’s deals look too good to pass up. But, before you take a bite, you should ask yourself how is it possible that Fraike can accept such a drastic loss with each and every sale. There isn’t a business in operation today that would be willing to take such a hit just to make a sale.

Lifetime Authorized Retailers

Lifetime has authorized multiple companies to sell their products online and in-store. These companies include FredMeyer, Walmart, Sam’s Club, Cost-U-Less, Home Depot, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Big 5, Costco, BJ’s, and Lowe’s. There is no mention Fraike Kayak.

It doesn’t appear Lifetime authorized Amazon to sell its products either. However, the Tamarak Angler 100 is being sold by two Amazon third-party sellers for $200 more than Lifetime’s retail price.. Both sellers have less-than-stellar ratings.

One customer complained about the price being listed “$350 more than the factory price.” Several customers complained about orders not being delivered. The sellers claimed all the orders were “damaged in transit.”

Physical Address Nowhere To Be Found

Fraike Kayak does not offer a physical address on its website. However, it does provide several emails, which look very fishy indeed. The one email is addressed to xinricaifu5, the other is addressed to asd635100998. For a minute, I thought this was an inmate email.

Fraike Kayak Reviews

Everything on the website looks fishy, including the two customer support emails, unrealistic lower prices, and poor grammar.

Nayzayers reached out to Lifetime about this issue. Whether Lifetime is responsible for its products sold on Amazon, the company is collecting more than a few disgruntled buyers.

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