FTC Refunds Nearly $3.9 Million To Those Duped By Quell Wearable Pain Relief Device


This week, the Federal Trade Commission announced it was sending more than 70,000 checks and PayPal payments totaling $3,864,824 to consumers who purchased Quell which is a wearable device supposedly capable of treating chronic pain. Quell was advertised as helping treat chronic pain throughout the body when placed below the knee.

The FTC explains that Massachusetts-based NeuroMetrix Inc. and its CEO Shai Gozani sold Quell to consumers while claiming it was “clinically proven” and “FDA cleared” for widespread chronic pain relief. The FTC claims the defendants lack scientific evidence to support those claims. The agency also believes the defendants’ claims about clinical proof and FDA clearance are false.

In a recent order settling the FTC’s charges, NeuroMetrix and CEO Shai Gozani have agreed to pay $4 million to the FTC for refunds and to stop making the allegedly deceptive claims. As a result, the Federal Trade Commission will be sending 2,144 refund checks and 67,998 refunds via PayPal to consumers. The average refund amount is $55.10.

ceo shai gozani quell
NeuroMetrix CEO Shai Gozani

Checks should be deposited or cashed within 60 days. Those who receive a PayPal payment will have 30 days to accept the payment.

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