Glacier Portable AC – Another Scam Targeting Americans?


As you likely already know, the portable air conditioner market is overloaded with scams. As a result, Americans are skeptical when dealing with these products and rightfully so. The owner of the Glacier Portable AC released a press release in mid-July of 2020. That press release is now available on APNews. It claims to be a “scam research report” but is nothing more than an advertisement for the portable AC.

So, what is the truth? Should you avoid this product or buy it immediately?

Right now, the main website of the Glacier Portable AC is Several affiliate sites link to this page in hopes of making money with every sale. By checking this website, you can find out that the site owner is using the phone number 800-990-2142. On this website, you can buy 1 Glacier Portable AC for $89.99 and $10 for shipping and handling. It claims that the product is normally more than $161.

In the bottom Copyright, we can see that Glacier AC is associated with On the contact page, we finally find the owner’s address which is 1642 McCulloch Blvd Suite 151, LHC AZ 86403. This gives us enough information to advance our research to the next level.

glacier portable ac phone number
Search for the phone number

800-990-2142 & Address

First, we’ll head to Google and search for the provided phone number. When doing so, we’ll quickly find out that this individual is also wrapped up in a handful of other possible scams. The phone number is associated with the following websites.

  • ProfitPointMedia
  • Breathe Safe Pro
  • WattSaver
  • Sanitizer Pro
  • Get Kaizen Watch
  • My Deal Jackpot

We also find a BBB page for Breathe Safe Pro and it is using the same phone number and address. Furthermore, it has the URL on it. While it hasn’t received complaints yet, this confirms that the two are linked. When visiting, you are directed to a contact us page with basic contact information and nothing else.

Previously, we can see that the website used to sell the InstantCool Wearable Air Conditioner and other products.

breathe safe pro mask scam

Site Reviews

Next, we find a website offering customer reviews for By reading these reviews, we learn that and YouCanSave.Shop are owned by the same individual. Furthermore, they’re associated with Liquid Earth. One customer says they ordered 3 Breathe Safe Pro Masks on 4/26 and paid nearly $120. That customer was still waiting for the product on 6/02/2020. has equally horrifying reviews.

The website seems to be gone now.


Facebook Presence

On Facebook, you’ll find several pages linked to the Glacier Portable AC. One has a link to Another goes to officialwebsite.zyx/go/polaireac. That website is missing now. As for, it seems to be an affiliate website using this link Nevertheless, clicking on that link leads us to

By looking at Unbell a little closer, we can see that it is a link farm of sorts. The site owner is either getting paid to create links to these websites or it is an affiliate scheme.

glacier portable air conditioner scam
Glacier AC vs Alibaba portable AC

The Glacier Portable AC – What Is It Worth?

Ultimately, most of these products are coming from Alibaba. We’ve seen identical air conditioners on Alibaba before so it doesn’t take us long to find out where the owner of the Glacier AC is getting his or her products. The Glacier Portable AC is going to cost you $89.99 and $10 for shipping and handling. If you can buy it on Alibaba, you’ll pay $18.95 for each unit.

There is a slightly newer model selling for $12.50 each. Do you really think these products are worth 90 bucks when they’re being sold for less than $20? We doubt it. Ultimately, we cannot recommend the Glacier Portable AC. It is too expensive considering how much the site owner is actually paying for it. Furthermore, there is too much negativity in the past.

We’re worried that buyers of the Glacier Portable Air Conditioner will experience issues such as non-shipment or delayed shipment. It would be best to avoid this product.

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