GoGoGadgets GoGo AirCooler – Alibaba Dropshipper – True Or False?


Gogogadgets.com is an e-commerce store, with a whole slew of gadgets, including the GoGo AirCooler. The mini air cooler has a space-saving design, according to the official website.

Other GoGoGadgets include:

  • GoGo KneeHero
  • GoGo Beat Buds Pro
  • GoGo UltraXTend Wi-Fi

About The Vendor

The vendor is Label Products B.V. at Steenovenweg 5, 5708 HN Helmond, the Netherlands. The vendor to be registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. A business search via the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce KVK validated the registration claim.

Image: Gogogadgets.com

Intermec Label Products B.V./Honeywell Label Products B.V. is a printing company that specializes in barcode label software. The company reports annual revenue of $1.18 million, with approximately 2,160 subsidiaries.

Image: Dutch Chamber of Commerce KVK

Suspicious Customer Reviews

GoGoGadgets utilizes the website, “Smarttechtoday.com” to promote its GoGo AirCooler. The website appears to be a front, with a list of reviews, which is an image. A Google Image Search shows the images were copied word-for-word from a Pinterest post. The images were originally copied from Facebook. View them carefully, you will see they are most likely written by the same individual, just different Facebook accounts.

Image: Smarttechtoday.com
Image: Pinterest

GoGo Gadgets “F” BBB Rating

GoGo Gadgets is not accredited by BBB. However, some unhappy customers created a BBB filing for the vendor. The “F” BBB rating is combined with a 1-star customer rating. The BBB rating is related to poor-quality products. Three BBB reviews claimed GoGoGadgets arrived defective.

Image: BBB

Mary D. claimed GoGoGadgets customer support refused to provide a return shipping address, preventing her from getting a refund. Tyler R. claimed part of his order was “non-functional.” Tyler claimed the vendor utilized “fake webpages” and “fake product reviews.”

Image: BBB

The BBB filing utilizes the address 10685-B Hazelhurst Drive, #28029, Houston, TX 77043. A Google search confirms the address is non-existent. The so-called address is not registered with the USPS.

Alibaba Special                         

The GoGo AirCooler is a replica of an Alibaba miniature air cooler. The only difference between the two units is the price tag. The GoGo AirCooler is priced at $89.99, compared to the Alibaba mini AC $13.99.

Image: Gogogadgets.com
Image: Alibaba

Domain Information

The website was registered on August 31, 2015.

Afterword – GoGoGadgets Scam

Is GoGo AirCooler a scam? The product is not a “scam” in the sense, it is non-existent. However, everything about GoGoGadgets is not legitimate. The vendor claims to be Label Products B.V., there is no valid evidence. After viewing the Honeywell Label Products official website there does not appear to be a connection. Honeywell Label Products specializes in barcode labeling, not Alibaba replicas.

All GoGoGadgets’ products are Alibaba replicas, which means, the merchant is most likely a dropshipper.

The BBB customer reviews are telling. Every review claimed the products were of poor quality, which says it all. Alibaba promotes products manufactured in China. The low-price tag may be reasonable, but not, the inflated GoGo AirCooler price tag.

GoGoGadgets is among the hundreds, if not thousands of international Alibaba/AliExpress dropshippers. These scam artists are defrauding American consumers, ruining the reputation of legitimate companies in the process. Sounds like Amazon, right? Amazon is not much different than Alibaba, as most of the products sold through the Marketplace are produced in China. Amazon Chinese knockoffs have negatively impacted hundreds of American brands, including Nike, Reebok, Birkenstock, Milo & Gabby, and others. While some of the impacted companies have tackled Amazon Chinese knockoffs, their efforts were futile.

Now, we have these independent international vendors doing the same.

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