GoNift Scam – But Is It Actually A Scam?


When consumers get angry with a company, they’re quick to call it names including a scam. They may rightfully have reasons to refer to the company as a scam but it is important to understand that not all scams are actually scams. Instead, they might not be good deals for everyone. This is where GoNift.com enters the picture. While the company isn’t necessarily a scam, it may seem like it.

It is a marketing ploy so businesses can find new customers. Customers may or may not be satisfied with the service. Below, Nayzayerz will dig deeper into Gonift so you can learn more about its services.


Nift For Businesses

Nift aims to help businesses find new customers. On its websites, it asks, “How many customers can Nift bring you?”. The website also claims that the company is working with more than 4,800 businesses with 27 million gifts being given so far. For business owners, Nift is easy because you can set it and forget it.

The business owner will sign up, provide information about their perfect customer, and focus on their business. They’re only required to pay when the system works. The business owner remains in control by being able to adjust the perfect customer criteria at any point. Furthermore, they can track various statistics including first-time visits, repeat customers, revenue, ratings, reviews, and more.


How Does Nift Work?

Nift is classified as a neighborhood gift that helps local consumers find local businesses. Business owners give their best customers Nift gift cards. The consumer can use those cards to experiment with other local businesses. Other businesses can give their customers Nifts as well. The company believes its platform will help all businesses grow together.

While the idea is grand, the execution is less than perfect and this is why many have resulted to calling GoNift a scam. It doesn’t help that customers report that the company won’t stop calling them until they say yes.


Nift Customer Complaints

The biggest problems with Nift are interest and execution. Unfortunately for the company, a lot of businesses simply aren’t interested and the company cannot succeed without help from other businesses. Since the company is somewhat new, the customer complaints are limited. The company only has 3 complaints with the Better Business Bureau.

One complains that the company’s referral program provides codes that do not work. The referral program offers $30 credit for each customer referred. The customer’s first complaint was lodged with the company on 11/07/2019 and it still wasn’t resolved by 12/04/2019.

It seems the system doesn’t work well for businesses either. There are several complaints about the company repeatedly calling and harassing business owners. Even though the business owners say they’re not interested numerous times, the company keeps calling.

As for consumers, Nift apparently randomly chooses where the gift cards can be used. And, it often requires the customer to make a larger purchase or purchase on specific days. Otherwise, the card cannot be used. Some say that the gifts selected for them were of no interest to them. They would prefer a wider selection or the option to pick the gifts they prefer.

Right now, this isn’t possible.

gonift scam is it a scam

Is GoNift A Scam?

No. GoNift is not really a scam. It is a gift card system hoping to connect businesses with local consumers. While the system is not perfect, it isn’t a scam. This doesn’t mean it is going to work well for you or your business. It doesn’t help that the company’s customer service isn’t great. GoNift may not be a scam but you might not be satisfied with the results either.

As a business owner or consumer, you’ll want to make sure you have an exit plan. GoNift may work great for you but you should be prepared in the event that is doesn’t.

8 thoughts on “GoNift Scam – But Is It Actually A Scam?

  1. It’s worse than you say.

    So an org gave me a $30 Nift gift card. Had never heard of Nift. I went to redeem it. I was stuck in a floating window that gave me five choices for random products from companies that could have been anywhere (yet Nift claims it supports local businesses). When I decided none of the above were suitable, I found I could not back out. This was after I’d entered a name and email address for my daughter to whom I wanted to gift something. Now I fear they will spam her. Nift seemed to be saying “take it or leave it,” but made it impossible to leave.

    I used the Nift contact form to complain that they were holding me and my daughter hostage and not revealing details of the deals they presented. Absolutely no response in three days. Next stop, BBB. Should that not change their behavior, then FTC. They are dangerously opaque and unresponsive.

    Not a scam, just a junky marketing and a slick come-on with minimal transparency, e.g., terms of service, and a faulty user interface.

  2. I wonder what would make a business choose “gonift” as the name for its website. Am I the only one who knows that “gonif” means “thief”? Look it up.

  3. I just tried to redeem a “gift card” and it looks like all the “gifts” are just offers for first-time buyers of these subscription brands. The discounts are similar (if not slightly less) than other first-time-buyer discounts you can find from these companies elsewhere. So, Nift is not very innovative and you can find the same or better discounts from the companies’ websites.

  4. how do you cancel the membership I been trying for two days cannot fine any way to do that please help if anyone noise how to do this thank you .

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