Heel-N-Soothe – Another Healthy Back Institute Scam


Securessl.losethebackpain.com is an online vendor of the Heel-n-Soothe supplement by Livingwell Manufacturing. The blend of natural ingredients fight against inflammation associated with joint pain, according to the vendor.

The Healthy Back Institute

The website is owned and operated by The Healthy Back Institute at 2407 S. Congress Ave., Ste E #100, Austin, Texas 78704. A Bing search shows the address is a UPS mailbox.

Image: Bing Search Results

A business search via the Texas Secretary of State website did not render results for The Healthy Back Institute.

Image: Texas Comptroller

Free Trial Offer

The Healthy Back Institute is running a free trial offer for its Heel-n-Sooth supplement. The customer is responsible for the shipping cost. There is no option to purchase the product outright, you will need to try it before buying it.

Not Accredited By BBB

The Healthy Back Institute is not BBB-accredited. Its F BBB rating and 1.86-star customer rating is contributed to 47 customer complaints over the last 12 months. The complaints are regarding unauthorized credit card charges and recurring subscription fees.

It appears The Healthy Back Institute is linked to several supplements – Super Joint Support, Rub on Relief, and Heel n Soothe. The website also has a small selection of Dr. Clarks Infrared Heating Pads.

Image: The Health Back Institure

BBB has issued an alert for The Healthy Back Institute. The “Pattern of Complaint” alert was issued on April 18, 2018, at which time BBB requested the website to address its customer complaints. Two years later, The Healthy Back Institute is still receiving loads of BBB complaints, 47 in the past year.

To address the BBB Pattern of Complaint alert, The Healthy Back Institute transitioned from losethebackpain.com to securessl.losethebackpain.com. The website is now being utilized as an informational source for muscle and joint pain.

Afterword – Heel N Soothe Scam

Is Heal n Soothe a scam? Everything about the website says “scam.” The BBB Pattern of Complaint alert is a red flat within itself. This should be enough to discourage consumers from doing business with The Healthy Back Institute.

In addition to this red flag, a business search via the Texas Comptroller website did not validate The Healthy Back Institute as a registered business. Last, but not least, the website utilizes a UPS mailbox, not a physical address.

Never request a free supplement sample from an unofficial website. This just opens you up to a scam because it gives the website authorization to charge your credit card.

It is crucial to question the legitimacy of these supplements in advance. For all you know, Heel n Soothe could be nothing more than a placebo. Since there is no FDA oversight, supplement manufacturers can do what they like without repercussions.

Instead of addressing the BBB Pattern of Complaint alert, the Healthy Back Institute develops another website to peddle its supplements. Why is this website permitted to continue peddling its snake oil to American consumers? Nearly 100 complaints (47 in the last year) over the last three years should be enough to deter consumers from doing business with The Healthy Back Institute. It will be as long as consumers refuse to perform research before buying.

2 thoughts on “Heel-N-Soothe – Another Healthy Back Institute Scam

  1. I guess I got hoodwinked like so many others. No mention of recurring costs for supplements. Can’t contact anyone at their phone number. I Sent email to their email address. That probably won’t do any good either. will stop payment seems to by my only option.

    1. You must put a stop payment on future charges. If the payment was through your credit card company, you can file a chargeback. Customers generally have 30 days to request a chargeback. The process is fairly simple, but you must stop future charges. These scam artists have no dignity. Good Luck!

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