HOLAPICK Scam – Another AliExpress Company Scamming American Women

holapick scam

Americans love shopping online and many are eager to break away from Amazon. Finding another good online retailer can be exciting but taking the gamble is very risky. HOLAPICK is one of the latest AliExpress companies to scam American women. Sadly, American women were nice enough to put their faith in this retailer and they blew it all by offering horrible service, a poor return policy, and charging too much.

Should you buy items from HOLAPICK? No. Sadly, the “company” has proven time and again that it cannot be trusted. Below, we’ll dive deeper into HOLAPICK, its product sourcing, and reasons to avoid this online retailer.


HOLAPICK is an online retailer specializing in women’s clothing. HOLAPICK is only the domain and website name. If you look at the About Us page, you’ll see that it is owned and operated by Aober Network Technology Co. Limited which is based out of Hong Kong.

Sadly, HOLAPICK is preying on American women and they’ve done an excellent job of swindling those willing to trust them.

holapick scam bee shirt
Holapick T-shirt

HOLAPICK Products Are Bought On Alibaba?

As one frustrated reviewer points out, “I am not sure this company is even real.” Bingo. You are correct but it is likely too late for you and so many others. Unfortunately, a lot of people did not perform the AliExpress check before buying shirts and other items on HOLAPICK. As a result, they paid outrageously high prices for Chinese products that were imported and rebranded.

As an example, we’ll look at HOLAPICK’s Bee Printed Round Neck T-Shirt. The shirt is indeed cute and it might be worth $20 if it was made in the United States but it is not. When we hop over to AliExpress, we find that the same shirt is available for $8.42 and that includes shipping. Similar shirts are available on Amazon for $16 or more.

So, the company is likely not manufacturing any of its products. It is most likely buying goods from AliExpress and selling them to American consumers.

alibaba scam holapick
Same shirt on AliExpress

Hong Kong Customer Service

When buying from such shady companies, you’re taking a major risk. Will you get your items? If you’re lucky, you will. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself in a tumultuous situation that makes you want to give up on online shopping. The biggest problem with HOLAPICK is the delivery. While the company had a good idea, the execution is poor.

On its Facebook page, there are countless people complaining about the company not delivering items or missing items. Trying to get in touch with the company is nearly impossible as well. Is it a surprise to learn that the company hasn’t responded to any of these negative comments?

Well, they haven’t. On the BBB website, HOLAPICK has 1 star with 18 customer reviews and 26 complaints. HOLAPICK has responded to some of the complaints on the Better Business Bureau website. But, who wants to go that far?

If you don’t like headaches, you should stay far away from HOLAPICK. It is better to report these companies to the FTC.


The majority of customers of HOLAPICK say it is indeed a scam. We don’t like the fact that the same products can be purchased on AliExpress at much cheaper prices. We find it sickening that American women put their faith in this “company” only to get slapped in the face. Then, there are legitimate companies out there that struggle to get sales.

We recommend staying away from HOLAPICK unless you enjoy filing complaints with the Better Business Bureau, dealing with incompetent customer service, and buying Chinese goods with an outrageous markup. Please do your research before buying from HOLAPICK and other similar companies!

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