Homeaglow, Dapper Maids, & Bubbly Cleaning – Scam Or Legit


Dappermaids.com is a platform that bridges the gap between consumers and housecleaners.

About Dapper Maids

The website does not have an About Us page. The Contact Us page does not provide significant information for validation purposes.

Not A Profesional Cleaning Service

Initially, some consumers may believe Dapper Maids is a professional cleaning service. According to the Terms & Conditions, Dapper Maids is nothing more than an online platform that connects consumers with housecleaning services.

Again, Dapper Maids is owned and operated by Homeaglow Inc at 2711 Centerville Road, Suite 400, Wilmington, Delaware 19808. A Google search connects the address to Corporation Service Company “CSC”, a registered agent.

Image: Dappermaids.com
Image: CSC

A business search via the Delaware Department of State: Division of Corporations validates Homeaglow as a domestic corporation.

Image: Delaware Department of State

“F” BBB Rating

Dapper Maids, doing business as Homeaglow, is not accredited by BBB. 11 customer complaints have earned Dapper Maids an “F” BBB rating. The complaints are regarding no-shows, poor customer support, unprofessional cleaners, unauthorized credit card charges, and poor cleaning services.

Image: BBB

The BBB filing provides the address 565 Edmund Terrace, Paramus, NJ 07652. Google Maps shows the address as a residential property. A business search via the New Jersey Secretary of State website did not render results for Dapper Maids or Homeaglow.

Image: BBB
Image: BBB

Background Checks

There is no evidence to validate if Dapper Maids runs background checks on its cleaners. Since Dapper Maids is not a cleaning service provider, it is likely there are not background checks. A BBB complaint caught out attention. The customer claimed a female cleaner arrived at her home with two males. The customer permitted access to the cleaner and her companions even though she was home alone.

Domain Information

The website was registered on October 8, 2015.

Image: WhoIs

1.5-Star Yelp Review

Dapper Maids has 28 customer reviews via Yelp. The reviews are similar to the BBB customer complaints. Customer claims Dapper Maid cleaners provided poor cleaning services, arrived with no cleaning supplies, dressed unprofessionally, are undependable, no shows, and leaves early.

Image: Yelp

Bubbly Cleaning

Homeaglow is also doing business as Bubbly Cleaning. The website provides an address for a registered agent in Delaware. The website has the say layout and design as Dapper Maids. There is not an About Us page and the Contact Us may as well be erased, as it does not offer any valuable information about Bubbly Cleaning.

Image: Bubblycleaning.com

The service has earned a 1.5-star Pissed Consumer customer rating. The low rating is contributed to no-shows, poor customer service, and no refund.

Image: Pissed Consumer

Afterword – Dapper Maid Scam, Bubbly Cleaning Scam, Homeaglow Scam

Is Dapper Maid a scam? Dapper Maid claims to be owned by Homeaglow, a Delaware domestic corporation. Homeaglow is also operating Bubblycleaning.com. Neither website have an About Us page, but it appears to be a platform that connects consumers with housecleaners.

Image: NJ Secretary of State

The service has a long history of no-shows, which is a red flag. According to the Terms & Conditions, Homeaglow does not warrant or guarantee cleaning services. It is not a cleaning service, but a website that allows consumers to search for cleaners in their areas. Basically, the website is no better than Craigslist, as there is no customer guarantee. The deal is made between the cleaner and the customer, with Homeaglow acting as a mediator. If the cleaner is a no show, Homeaglow is not responsible, leaving the customer holding the bag.

Image: BBB

The question is how many cleaners are utilizing Dapper Maid and Bubbly Cleaning to advertise their services. The large volume of no-show complaints is a major red flag. Is it possible, Dapper Maids is scheduling cleaning appointments with customers, without an actual cleaner? There is no evidence to support this theory, but with the large volume of no-shows and no customer guarantee, it is a possibility.

It looks like most victims connected with Dapper Maid via Groupon. Over the last three years, about 5,000 consumers have filed BBB complaints against Groupon. It has a history of drawing scammers, which is supported by all the BBB complaints. If you take the time to view Groupon’s BBB complaints, you will notice a similarity with Dapper Maid.

Image: BBB
Image: BBB

It is never a good idea to utilize a service without contact information. Dapper Maid does not provide a phone number or physical address. The address provided is a registered agent. The BBB filing provides a residential address, not a commercial property.

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