Hong Kong’s Margin Holdings Limited FuzeBug – Fake Or Legit?


Getfuzebug.com, an e-commerce website, promotes the FuzeBug. The FuzeBug is a portable bug zapper. Other websites promoting the FuzeBug includes:

  • Fuze-bug.com
  • Get-fuzebug.com
  • FuzeBugdirect.com
  • Fuzebug.net
  • Fuzebug.io
  • Fuzebugdirect.com
  • Fuzebug.org
  • Fuzebug-official.com

About The Vendor

The Contact Us page provides the phone number (866) 466-2390 and the address 2345 Vauxhall Rd., Union, NJ 07083. A Google search connects the address to American Cargo Express, an international logistics forwarder.

Image: Getfuzebug.com

The vendor is Margin Holdings Limited at United 1213, 12/F, Wing On Plaza, 62 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsu East, Kowloon, Hong Kong. A business search via the Hong Kong ICRIS Cyber Search Centre validates Margin Holdings Limited as a private company limited by shares.

Image: Marginholdingslimited.com
Image: China ICRIS Cyber Search Centre

1-Star Bizapedia Rating

Margin Holdings Limited has a 1-star Bizapedia rating. Craig B. claimed to have purchased three GXZ APO1. Two of the devices failed after two days.

Image: Bizapedia

Gloria M. claimed to have been charged an additional $9.50, which was supposed to be a discount.

A Margin Holdings Limited filing with the Colorado Secretary of State is in the “delinquent” status.

Image: Colorado Secretary of State

Domain Information

The website was registered on October 8, 2020.

Image: WhoIs

Alibaba Replica

The FuzeBug is priced at $39.99 per unit. The Alibaba replica is $6.96 per unit. The two brands are exactly the same.

Image: Getfuzebug.com
Image: Alibaba

Afterword – Is FuzeBug a scam?

Margin Holdings Limited, a Hong Kong business, was once registered with the Colorado Secretary of State. The Hong Kong company has a 1-star Bizapedia rating, but no BBB accreditation. The 1-star rating is related to poor quality products and unauthorized charges.

Image: PayPal

The FuzeBug Bug Zapper has minimal online awareness, other than paid reviews.

The Alibaba replica shares all the same features as the FuzeBug, with one exception. This exception is the price tag, which is about $35 lower for the Alibaba replica.

Marginholdingslimited.com does not feature the Fuzebug. It does feature the EMF Sticker, Anti Allergen, Plug Purifier, Smart LED Flame Light, Smart LED Light Bulb, and Diffuser. Most or all of these products have Alibaba replicas. Margin Holdings Limited may be an Alibaba/AliExpress dropshipper. But, there is no direct evidence to back up this theory.

There are risks involved in shopping with a Hong Kong-registered business. The company does utilize a logistics forwarder to handle its returns. However, there is no guarantee of a refund. If the vendor requests the item to be shipped to Hong Kong, return shipping would end up costing more than the item would be worth. Then, you are stuck with a pile of scrap metal or plastic.

Extensive research is recommended before buying Chinese-manufactured products.

12 thoughts on “Hong Kong’s Margin Holdings Limited FuzeBug – Fake Or Legit?

  1. Margin Holdings is a fraud!
    I bought this fuz Buster Mosquito zapper special and was to receive three units
    Well I made the payment thru PayPal and was to only pay 43 dollars I was charged two transactions one charge for $43 and also was charged again for $19 dollars? I found this out after I received only one of the three units and this was all I ever received and it was broken out of the box when I received it and had sent numerous emails to this company with zero reply back. I filed a complaint thru PayPal resolution center and was denied on both as you have to make a claim for each transaction and part of my complaint was also the fact of additional charges. PayPal is a total joke the way they handled my claim as the Vendor Margin Holdings provided a DHL shipping tracking number saying all items were shipped and received by me? Well Margin Holdings provided the same tracking number for both transactions yet PayPal never gave a darn about this fact I pointed out as well as the weight of package was under one pound yet they say I received all three and PayPal also denied the facts of being over charged as well to my utmost disgust of both companies at this point to witch I seem to have zero recourse to do anything more with this matter as far as PayPal is concerned they didn’t look at the facts nor did they seem to care at all just took the face value of what this scam company sent them antracking number one only and its a joke so I paid $60 dollars for one broken when received pos bug zapper! So if your reading this and have similar experience email me at I.playhard@live and if any lawyers have time to assist building a class action case I would be first in line to join as to seeing either of these two companies as I feel they both are Unscrupulous in their business tactics!

    1. I received items in Nov that have stopped working. Also refused delivery on one package they received back and haven’t given me credit for, and charged for another I never received. Total about $235.00

      1. File BBB complaint against Margin Holdings. You may be able to recover your money. Don’t give up until you do. I would suggest research BBB and Trustpilot complaints (skip to the 1-stars) in the future.

  2. I ordered a breast lift bra. Never received it. I could not reach the company. Paid through Paypal. I’m in the process of filing a compliant. I have no way of tracking merchandise.

  3. I orderd two Jackery Explorer 2000’s from this company. Never received them. Called the number to get tracking info and was given a wrong number to call about my order. I was also scammed by them again when they signed me up for FOUR other subscriptions to God knows what. I was able to get the subscriptions cancelled but am out about $15 more for nonrefundable charges!

    When I e-mailed and threatened to report them, they did refund most of one payment. Now I’m trying to get the refund from the other order.


    1. File a BBB complaint, this should get their attention. Do not stop until you get your money back. There are just way too many of these scam websites online. Not one government agency is taking the responsibility to bring more awareness to the thousands of online scams. Good Luck!

  4. They are a scam company tried through paypal to set up a recurring payment .I called them the told me NOT to file complaints with paypal.I did received a full refund but watch your account as they set up a recurring payment hoping you do not see it.

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