Honor Ammo Shop – Colorado Gunsmoke Gun Shop Front – Beware


Honor Ammo Shop – Colorado Gunsmoke Gun Shop Front – Beware!

Honorammoshop.com is an e-commerce store, with a large selection of ammunition and firearms.

About Honorammoshop

Honor Ammo Shop “Armorammoshop” provides the address 9690 W 44th Ave., Wheat Ridge, CO 80033. A Google Maps search connects the address to Gunsmoke Inc.

Image: honorammoshop.com

A business search via the Colorado Secretary of State website did not render results for the Honor Ammo Shop.

Image: Google Maps
Image: Secretary of State

A business search via the Colorado Secretary of State website shows the Gunsmoke, Inc., corporation filing in the “delinquent” status as of June 1, 2012. According to a March 8, 2018 Department of Justice press release, Gunsmoke operator, 58-year-old Richard Wyatt was sentenced to 78 months for tax fraud and conspiracy.

Wyatt appeared in a Discovery Channel series for 26 episodes from 2011 through 2012, according to the Department of Justice press release. Wyatt was operating under the straw company “Triggers” after it was determined Gunsmoke had violated federal firearms regulations and laws. Wyatt surrendered the gun shop’s federal firearms license but continued to operate as a gun shop and gunsmithing.

“F” BBB Rating

The BBB filing for Honor Ammo Shop shows a different address – 575 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94105 – than the website. However, the filing utilizes the same domain. A Google search connects the address to the Market Center, formerly called “Standard Oil Buildings” and “Chevron Towers”.

Image: BBB

The website has 4 BBB complaints, regarding non-deliveries. A customer review filed by Victor N. on January 18, 2021, claimed the website scammed him out of more than $800. Another review filed on January 21, 2021, claimed payment options were limited to bitcoin and E-pay, with no PayPal or credit card processor.

Image: BBB

Website Information

The website was registered on November 8, 2020, about 8 years after Gunsmith federal firearms licensed was surrendered.

Image: WhoIs

California Business Search

A business search via the California Secretary of State website did not render results for Honorammoshop or Honor Ammo Shop.

Image: California Secretary of State

Afterword – Honor Ammo Shop Scam

Is Honor Ammo Shop a scam? It definitely appears to be a scam. There is no Colorado business registration for Honor Ammo Shop or Honorammoshop. The “F” rating and 1-star BBB customer rating say it all.

Image: Colorado Secretary of State

The mere fact, the website is utilizing the Gunsmith address is extremely risky. Google Maps does not connect the address to a gun shop or gun range under a different name than Gunsmoke Inc.

The BBB filing provides the address of an office space in San Francisco, California, which is most likely a front to avoid detection.

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