Inbound Closer – Traffic And Funnels Sales Guru – Scam Or Legit!

0 claims to help part- and full-time land-based workers, as well jobseekers transition to virtual work, earning significantly higher daily commissions. The website claims to offer diversity in high-demand jobs, allowing participants full control of their work schedules.

Inbound Closer promises better pay and flexible work schedules working only part-time. It claims to bridge the gap between big corporations and job seekers with specialized skills and talent.

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Payton Welch

Payton Welch claims to have transitioned from a traditional job to remote working, earning over $30,000 in just two months with the help of his brother’s company “Inbound Closer.” He makes other accusations, claiming the “company” had 1,621 followers who are all working remotely with only a PDF and phone earning six-figure incomes.

In the video, Welch goes on a tirade about successful entrepreneurs and business and how he hated his former retail job as a desk clerk and gave it all up for a 6-figure income working only part-time.

Inbound Closers utilize what is deemed “The Sequence,” which is nothing more than a written script to convince consumers to invest in Inbound service, earning up to 40% ($980) on each closing.

Over time, the 40% commission increases to 76%.

Wealth Cap Holdings – Not Registered With The SEC

Wealth Cap Holdings is an investment opportunity.

Domain Information

The website was registered on November 13, 2019.

Image: WhoIs

Not BBB-Accredited

Traffic and Funnels LLC utilizes the address 393 Nichol Mill Ln, Franklin, TN 37067, which is a rental space. Traffic and Funnels is a registered Tennessee LLC. The business registration does not connect a name or names to the company, but it does show three-member involvement.

Image: BBB
Image: BBB

The company also utilizes a North Carolina address 10616 Metromont Parkway, Charlotte, North Carolina.

Image: TN Secretary Of State

Afterword – Inbound Closer Scam

Is Inbound Closer a scam? It does appear to be, but with little evidence to back up the claim, it is fishy at best. All the promises Welch is offering are pipe dreams. Yes, there is money to be made at remote working, but only when hired by a legitimate company.

Welch claims Inbound Closer earned his brother enough money to establish a $21 million company. The company works with consumers to help them establish inbound marketing processes. His side company “Inbound Closer” has successfully helped 1,621, including himself, earn 6-figure incomes, according to the website.

Welch claims to have 757 high-paying entrepreneurs working under him.

Inbound Closer is a 21-day program that connects workers with high-dollar clients, earning up to $980 on each closing.

The kicker? To become an Inbound Closer, you have to pay for the 21-day PDF for $97. When you purchase the program, you are accosted to increase your investment to $900. According to several reviews, the people behind the program don’t like to take no for an answer.

The true faces behind the program is Chris and Taylor of Traffic and Funnels, which is registered on the BBB website with a C rating, and 1 customer complaint regarding refund issues.

The same individuals are responsible for The SalesMentor. If you delve a little closer into the website, you will notice the Terms of Service includes a Class Action Waiver, which protects The Sales Mentor from being drug into a class action lawsuit.

Last, but not least, Traffic and Funnels is also connected to The Productivity Master Class, which is very similar to the other websites.

Whether Traffic and Funnels or The SalesMentor is legitimate or not does not matter at this point. What does matter is the individuals running the program are taking advantage of vulnerable workers who have recently lost their jobs due to COVID. The Department of Justice should step up to the plate and investigate, in an effort to protect vulnerable American workers from getting taken advantage of at their lowest.

It is obvious, the masterminds are making a profit on the backs of vulnerable COVID-impacted workers. Looks to be expanding pretty quickly. The trio is already expanded from Inbound Closer to Traffic and Funnels to The SalesMentor To Wealth Cap Holdings.

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