IncomeSourceNow – “If It Is Too Good To Be True, It Is Probably A Fraud”

2 is an online marketing platform that promises big profits from the sale of business development products. The platform claims to offer the resources needed to earn over $10,000 per week.

Subscription Fees

To take advantage of the IncomeSourceNow work-from-home platform, you must become a member. There are several subscription packages ranging from $3,000 to $21,000. Every new member is required to pay an additional “admin fee,” depending on the subscription package. You can expect to be at least $247 but no more than $847.


The Gold Level package will set you back $3,247 while the Royal Level costs a total of $21,847. You can double your package if you get lucky enough to score a “48 hour action taker bonus.”

How IncomeSourceNow Works

To take advantage of the program, you must have an active e-commerce website. Do not fret, you are not required to run ads on your website or make phone calls. The system is designed to ensure convenience on all levels, according to the FAQ Video.

Funding is available to people with a credit score over 650. The program guarantees at least $1,500 in profit per sale. If your marketing skills are really good, you can earn up to $15,750 per sale.

To earn money from sales, you must continue to invest money. The entire system is very complex, which is probably the author’s goal. Make the system complex, so the average consumer cannot conceive how it works.

The video continuously talks about “sales” but does not provide any details on the products you are required to sell.

Domain Information

The website was registered on November 26, 2019.

Image: WhoIs

Not Registered On BBB

The website is not registered on BBB.

Afterword – Scam

IncomeSourceNow is nothing more than a ClickBank scam. If someone could afford to pay $3,247 for a membership fee, this somebody would not be looking for a scam. There is not About Us or Contact Us, just a phone number for the Success Coach Hotline. Nayzayerz called the phone number (267) 494-0001 and only got a recorded message.

The voice sounded like the video narrator. So, it likely there are not success coaches, only Joe Schmoe waiting to take your money and run. If you reach this point, you will be asked to provide a good phone number and a subscription package of your choice.

Nayzayerz followed all the steps and is now waiting on a return call from a “Success Coach.”

Don’t understand why the fraudster did not make the membership fees more reasonable. So, he would have more leverage to defraud more people.

Is a scam? Yes!

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