InvigorZen – The Ole’ Bait And Switch Scam

6 is an e-commerce vendor, specializing in the skincare cream Invigor Zen. The content only skims over the ingredients, claiming they derive from natural sources.



The “Yes! I Want To Try It Out” feature takes you to an entirely different website – AgelessSkin appears to be very similar to InvigorZen, offering the same skincare benefits. The packaging is the most noticeable difference between the two products.


Again, the content does not offer a list of ingredients.


One ounce of AgelessSkin is priced at $39.74 with free shipping.

About Us

The website does not have an About Us page. The Contact Us page shows the customer support phone number (800) 840-1348.

Domain Information

The website was registered on September 2, 2020. The website advertising AgelessSkin was registered on January 8, 2020.

Image: WhoIs

Not BBB-Accredited

Neither website is accredited or registered with BBB. It is important to not confuse the AgelessSkin website with Ageless Skin, a genuine brick-and-mortar spa in Dublin, Ohio.

Afterword – InvigorZen Scam

With evidence lacking, it is impossible to verify the website. The mere fact, the buy now feature is linked an entirely different product draws a red fag. It is unclear why the website took this route but it is definitely a switch and bait scam.

Another problem with the website is the missing ingredient list, Contact Us page and physical address for the vendor and manufacturer. There is only the toll-free phone number, which cannot be verified through WhitePages.

Is InvigorZen a scam? It very well could be since the website is linked to an entirely different product.

6 thoughts on “InvigorZen – The Ole’ Bait And Switch Scam

  1. I was a victim of this “bait and switch. A site popped up on my tablet saying Ulta was going out of business and giving away cosmetics for free. Just only had to pay the shipping. 10 days after I got a small container of eye cream, I was charged $94.99. It came out of my account on 12/23 right before Christmas. My funds were already tight and it made for a very poor holiday dinner.. PLEASE watch for this horrible scam.

    1. Have you filed a claim with PayPal or your credit card company? File a BBB claim too. If PayPal doesn’t help, file a BBB claim against them. There is still hope to get your money back.

  2. I received a jar and tried. It had a very curious effect on my cat. Something in it made him sniff my face very closely , inhabitedle it through his mouth and I washed it off. I won’t use it again because I adore the cat. And I have pretty good skin for my age. Bear in mind, this was not a. “sniff” – he really went to town. As soon as I washed it off he was fine, I trust him.

    Oh and it just. hit me my bank flagged a charge for $94.99 yesterday and thankfully denied it and I had to get a new account. The other comments jogged my memory. Oh well. Too bad. It does come in a nice glass jar – a surprise. BUT IT A SCAM and apparenly makes cats uneasy.t

    1. You must be careful what you give your pets. There is no way to test these products. For all we know, they could contain harmful chemicals. If you paid with your credit card, you could get a full refund. Just do a chargeback. It is also possible to get your money back through PayPal. Send the products back and when they arrive, contact PayPal and close the case. More needs to be done about these fraudulent websites, they are not based in the United States or legitimate companies. Fraudulent international scam artists taking advantage of unaware American consumers.

  3. I too was scammed by the trial of Invigorzen. I paid for the trial of $4.95 for shipping. On my bank account, they charged me $9.95. I didn’t read about the fact you had to send the product back before 14 days. I looked carefully to make sure there was not going to be any other charge. I got a charge on my bank account for $94.99. I called the company. The phone number only goes to a call center. After arguing with the operator I have to send me he product back and they’re going to charge me the $9.95 again. I don’t even know if the product works. 14 days isn’t enough time to tell.

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