InvigorZen – The Ole’ Bait And Switch Scam is an e-commerce vendor, specializing in the skincare cream Invigor Zen. The content only skims over the ingredients, claiming they derive from natural sources.



The “Yes! I Want To Try It Out” feature takes you to an entirely different website – AgelessSkin appears to be very similar to InvigorZen, offering the same skincare benefits. The packaging is the most noticeable difference between the two products.


Again, the content does not offer a list of ingredients.


One ounce of AgelessSkin is priced at $39.74 with free shipping.

About Us

The website does not have an About Us page. The Contact Us page shows the customer support phone number (800) 840-1348.

Domain Information

The website was registered on September 2, 2020. The website advertising AgelessSkin was registered on January 8, 2020.

Image: WhoIs

Not BBB-Accredited

Neither website is accredited or registered with BBB. It is important to not confuse the AgelessSkin website with Ageless Skin, a genuine brick-and-mortar spa in Dublin, Ohio.

Afterword – InvigorZen Scam

With evidence lacking, it is impossible to verify the website. The mere fact, the buy now feature is linked an entirely different product draws a red fag. It is unclear why the website took this route but it is definitely a switch and bait scam.

Another problem with the website is the missing ingredient list, Contact Us page and physical address for the vendor and manufacturer. There is only the toll-free phone number, which cannot be verified through WhitePages.

Is InvigorZen a scam? It very well could be since the website is linked to an entirely different product.

2 thoughts on “InvigorZen – The Ole’ Bait And Switch Scam”

  1. I was a victim of this “bait and switch. A site popped up on my tablet saying Ulta was going out of business and giving away cosmetics for free. Just only had to pay the shipping. 10 days after I got a small container of eye cream, I was charged $94.99. It came out of my account on 12/23 right before Christmas. My funds were already tight and it made for a very poor holiday dinner.. PLEASE watch for this horrible scam.

    1. Have you filed a claim with PayPal or your credit card company? File a BBB claim too. If PayPal doesn’t help, file a BBB claim against them. There is still hope to get your money back.

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