Is STDCheck A Scam? – Likely Not But It May Be Used By Pranksters


Getting an STD check can be scary and embarrassing. So, a lot of people want to use the most convenient option possible. makes getting tested for STDs simple and convenient. Nevertheless, some consumers are worried that STDCheck is a scam. Is this the case or not? Below, you’ll learn more about


About STD Check

STD Check is owned and operated by which is based out of Houston, Texas. The company is using the phone number (800) 456-2323. Its address is 11150 South Wilcrest Drive Suite 200. On’s BBB page, it has an A+ rating and has been accredited for 9 years. It maintains a great rating in terms of customer reviews but it has received nearly 40 complaints in the last 3 years.

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BBB Complaints

Unfortunately, the majority of the complaints against Healthlabs is associated with the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Those complaining say that the company claims to sell a test that “has a sensitivity of 100% and a specificity of 99.6% making it the most accurate COVID-19 antibody test currently available”. However, this may not be accurate. According to the complainer, they spoke with someone and found out that the sensitive rate was 90 to 100%.

Another says the company is profiteering on the COVID antibody test. While the test is free and widely available in their state, HealthLabs is charging for it. According to this consumer, they were tricked into paying $160 for a test. Ultimately, Healthlabs refunded both individuals in full.

Furthermore, the company has responded to all complaints.

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How Works

How does it work to get an STD test from Well, you’ll start by ordering an STD testing from the website. A 10 Test Panel is available for $198. Or, you can sign up for a 10 Test Panel with HIV RNA Early Detective for $349. Alternatively, consumers can purchase individual tests. For instance, you can pay $24 to get tested for Hepatitis A, B, or C. A test for syphilis will cost $79.

Once you’ve paid for the test online, you will need to visit one of the 4,500 affiliated test centers. Most centers are open Monday through Friday with some being open on Saturday too. The site says that there is no waiting, paperwork, or appointment needed so you’ll get in and out in minutes.

Finally, you’ll receive the test results in your online account within 1 to 2 days. You can contact the company with questions or concerns by calling 1-855-416-2420.

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Why Do People Think It Is A Scam?

Why do so many people think STD Check is a scam? Well, much of it has to do with the site’s Anonymous Notification service. This makes it possible for consumers who receive a positive test to notifying their partners anonymous by email or phone. The problem is that some people may use this service for nefarious reasons.

Your pal may think it is a joke to send you a text message from so they can laugh about it later. The good news is that you can stop the company from sending you text messages by opting out. So, STD Check is not a scam but people may use its anonymous notification service for scam purposes. With that being said, you should feel comfortable using STD Check.


Should You Use

If you need an STD check, you should not hesitate to use STDCheck. The website makes the process quick and easy. Nevertheless, you may run into problems. The good news is that you can always resolve your problems by working with the company or filing a BBB complaint. Do that and you’ll be good to go.

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