Is The EZ Cool Breeze A Scam? A Scam Since 2018 Alongside Shop Trendy Now & Shop Modern Now!


You’ve seen the Arctic Air on television. When you browse the Internet, you see countless advertisements for portable air conditioners. Now, you’re interested in trying one out for yourself. Before jumping the gun, you should take the time to read this article. Otherwise, you may lose your money and create a big headache for yourself.

ez cool breeze scam
EZ Cool Breeze official website outrageous prices

What Is The EZ CoolBreeze?

The EZ Cool Breeze is being marketed as a “recently developed air conditioner, purifier, and cooler”. The website says that the air conditioning system was designed and developed by a team of dedicated engineers. The main website for the EZ CoolBreeze is It is odd that the main page is written as a review when the website is selling the portable AC. This makes it sound like the website is not owned by the person selling the product and that alone is deceptive.

On, it says you can buy the EZ CoolBreeze by visiting the official website. However, you won’t visit another website. The product is being sold at On one page, the site owner is pretending they’re reviewing the EZ Cool Breeze. On the other, they’re selling it.

ez cool breeze scam alibaba
Same portable AC is much cheaper on Alibaba

The Costs

On, you can buy 1 EZ CoolBreeze for $89.99 or you can get 2 for $159.00. If you’re willing to buy 5, you can get them for $295.99. The checkout page claims that the product is the “best award winning 3 in 1 air cooler humidifier” and that you’re getting a 50% discount per unit. When trying to check out, we can find that the seller is using a PayPal account with the name “SHOPTRENDYNOW”. Shop Trendy Now is a website selling a smart backpack for nearly $80. And, it uses the email address There is a good chance that this individual is selling various products across several websites.

Anyway, you have to wonder if $89 is way too much for a portable air conditioner. If you read our earlier review, you’ll know that these products do not work as described.

shop ez cool breeze scam
Follow the pictures

Alibaba/AliExpress Alternatives

When we see these portable air conditioner scams, we immediately wonder if they’re coming from Alibaba. In most cases, they are. So, is the EZ Cool Breeze being imported from China via Alibaba too? Yes. Unfortunately, yes it is. When looking at the Shop EZ CoolBreeze website, we can find several pictures that help us pinpoint the product on Alibaba. It took a bit, but we eventually found the same portable AC on Alibaba being sold by Shenzhen Tenghui Cross Border E-Commerce Company. The portable AC is called a USB Cooling Fan For Home Room Office Desktop Small DC Air Cooler Portable Air Conditioner.

The company says, “We can print your brand on the package, if you want other customization such as function and other accessories, please contact us for further discussion.” Either way, the same small fan unit is being sold on Alibaba for $15.11 apiece. Do you really think it is worth $80?

ez cool breeze on amazon
Same portable AC is cheaper on Amazon but still not worth it

Amazon Alternative

Amazon has really become the American AliExpress. It allows people to buy products from Alibaba, greatly inflate the prices, and conveniently sell them to unsuspecting Americans. You don’t have to be rich or from the United States to use Amazon to make money. Amazon handles shipping and everything else. So, there is obviously going to be another EZ Cool Breeze on Amazon. One claims it is made by Nertpow. By looking at the pictures, you can see that it is basically the same portable AC being sold by Shenzhen Tenghui Cross Border E-Commerce on Alibaba.

And, the reviews for the product are awful except for the ones that were likely bought and paid for. Sadly, countless people through they were going to get a good portable AC because they were shopping on Amazon. Instead, they were duped into buying products from Alibaba and they ended up wasting their money. There are several variations of the Cool Breeze on Amazon including Nertpow, Anbber, and others. Even at $59.99, these portable ACs are not worth it.

Is it any wonder that they have such bad reviews on Amazon besides a few fakes ones sprinkled in?

ez cool breeze shop trendy now
Ez Cool Breeze is ShopTrendyNow and ShopModernNow

Shop Trendy Now

Funny enough, ShopTrendyNow is linked to several of these scams. It is the PayPal account being used to sell the Ez Cool Breeze and products on On this website, you can buy a miniature “smart home cam” for $57 apiece. And you guessed right! The same product is being sold on Alibaba much cheaper. You can buy it on ShopTrendyNow for $57 or you can get it on Alibaba for less than $20.

On ShopTrendyNow’s Instagram page, we finally get an inkling of the truth. The page says the seller is based out of Hyderabad, India. That I can believe. On Facebook, the site’s page has received a lot of negative comments. While it is quick to charge the customer’s credit card, Shop Trendy Now isn’t in a hurry to ship out items. So, you’re better off just staying away from both sites.

facebook complaints for shoptrendynow
Shop Trendy complaints

Shop Modern Now

Remember how we said that ShopTrendyNow was using as its email address? This is funny because the website is “closed” but it was around long enough for customers to get scammed. By checking ShopModernNow’s BBB page, you’ll find that the same person has been selling CoolBreeze Mini Air Conditioners for at least a year. And of course, they didn’t work, the return policy was bogus, and customers were dissatisfied with the service.

Since this individual is likely located in India, it doesn’t matter. There is nothing consumers can do to bring these fraudsters to justice. The best thing to do is to avoid buying from these individuals.

shop modern now bbb complaints
ShopModernNow BBB complaints

EZ Cool Breeze Scam

The EZ Cool Breeze isn’t really a scam but it is. You should not buy these products from Amazon or They’re way too expensive there and they’re only worth $5 or $10 really. We personally tested a similar AC and it barely worked. It uses a small computer fan and isn’t powerful enough to make any real difference.

If you absolutely must buy one of these ACs out of curiosity, you will find them cheaper on AliExpress. However, you’ll want to buy it with your credit card so you can easily file a chargeback if something goes wrong. We recommend staying away from them though. You’d be better off with a small fan. You’ll also want to stay away from ShopTrendyNow unless you enjoy getting ripped off.

cool breeze portable ac scam
EZ cool breeze alternative Amazon complaints

2 thoughts on “Is The EZ Cool Breeze A Scam? A Scam Since 2018 Alongside Shop Trendy Now & Shop Modern Now!

  1. Having purschase the “ezbreeze” portable with multible direct complaints while awaiting guarantee to be honored, other cooling units are acquired. The ezbreeze was put aside… This mid spring they are again attempted to be used. This year neither will power on. Still unusable, still waiting on guarantee to be honored. At this point the demand is all monies paid for the 3 units are returned immediatedly…

    1. Good luck, sadly, these are not legitimate companies. So, there is no one to be held accountable. PayPal refuses to step up to the plate. And, Google, Facebook, Yahoo, and Amazon continue running their fraudulent because it is all about financial greed. Thanks for sharing!

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