JavaBurn – ClickBank Dietary Supplement – Legit Or Fake?

2 is an e-commerce supplement site. JavaBurn is a dietary supplement that enhances metabolism when combined with coffee, according to the vendor.

About The Manufacturer

The website does not have About Us or Contact Us pages. The content makes no mention of the manufacturer or vendor. The manufacturer claims to be based in Costa Rica, according to the Terms.


The content does mention Nutritional Synergy. A Google search rendered several relevant websites, in particular, is a Weebly site, which connects Nutritional Synergy to Kathy S. MS, RDN. The content claims she is a registered dietician nutritionist.

Kathryn S. MS, RDN appears to be a frequent contributor to the Human Food Bar.


ClickBank Affiliate

JavaBurn is a ClickBank affiliate product. ClickBank is notorious for affiliate scams. The company handles the payment processing, but refunds are the responsibility of the affiliate. ClickBank affiliates are not legitimate pharmaceutical companies. In fact, they rarely disclose the manufacturer, leaving consumers guessing.


Not Accredited By BBB

BBB does not accredit JavaBurn. The vendor does not have a BBB filing.

Paid Advertisement

JavaBurn’s online visibility is limited to paid advertisement. If you know anything about paid advertisements, it is biased. A Google search did not render legitimate customer reviews.

Images Are Copyrighted

JavaBurn utilizes copyrighted images. For example, an image of a man jogging is utilized by various websites, including Travis Shawn MD, Forever Young Mens Health Clinic, KC Peaches, American Rejuvenation Clinic, Winfield Family Medicine, and more.

Image: Google Search

JavaBurn’s image of an older African American couple is a stock image.


Domain Information

The website was registered on January 20, 2017.

Image: WhoIs

Afterword – Scam

Is a scam? Is JavaBurn a scam? The website does not provide details of the vendor or manufacturer. It does mention Nutritional Synergy, which should not be confused with nutrient synergy. Nutrient synergy is a term utilized in reference to various nutrients working in combination to enhance health benefits in the human body.

There is no evidence to connect Kathy Shattler with JavaBurn, other than the website content. Kathryn S. is a certified dietician and nutritionist in Lansing, Michigan, according to LinkedIn.

JavaBurn is a supplement promoted by ClickBank, an online marketplace. ClickBank, itself is a registered Idaho company. ClickBank does not take the initiative to validate the legitimacy of its affiliates or their products. Consumers shop with caution when buying ClickBank affiliate products.

ClickBank has resolved 81 customer complaints over the past year. The complaints are regarding ineffective supplements, unauthorized credit card charges, and refund request issues. When a customer is forced to file a BBB complaint, ClickBank is not doing enough to protect its customers from fraudulent affiliates.

2 thoughts on “JavaBurn – ClickBank Dietary Supplement – Legit Or Fake?

  1. Take down the reference to my name in relation to the Human Food Bar. I have never heard of such a site nor am I affiliated with scam research.

    1. We contacted you previously to alert of the website utilizing your name and status, with no response. We suggest filing an FTC complaint to request the information deleted from the website. This is public information as it is published on the official JavaBurn website and other websites.

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