Jisulife Mini Portable Fan Upcharge Scam!

Jisulife Shenzhen

Image: Sears

 Jisulifefor.com is an e-commerce website. The Jisulife is a miniature, foldable fan, according to the vendor.

About Jisulife

The website doesn’t provide significant information about the vendor.  The Jisulife collection includes the Jisulife Portable Neck Fan and Jisulife Neck Fan.

Alibaba Seller

The Jisulife Mini Portable Fan is available at Alibaba for $5.12 per unit. The price on the official website is £12.99 or $16.24. The Alibaba vendor is Shenzhen Jisu Technology Co., Ltd.

Jisulife Handheld Fan

The Jisulife Handheld Fan is also available on Amazon for $18.99. The Amazon reviews are a mixture of 1- through 5-stars.

Jisulife Shenzhen
Image: Alibaba

The vendor also promotes its products at Wayfair, Sears ($38.99), and at one time, Kmart. The Sears Marketplace seller is listed as Tom Carry in Torrance, PA, which is questionable.

Jisulife Shenzhen
Image: Alibaba

Why the wide price variance?

Jisulife Shenzhen
Image: Amazon


Jisulife is currently involved in a lawsuit. Shenzhen Lechuangtiancheng Technology Co., Ltd, DBA as Torras Life, sued Shenzhen Jisu Technology Co., Ltd for stealing its bladeless fan patent. Jisulife is basically selling similar products as the Torras Coolify Bladeless Neck Air Conditioner.

Not Accredited By BBB

Jisulife does not have a BBB business filing.

Afterword – Jisulife Scam

Is Jisulife a scam? There is no evidence of a scam. However, there is evidence that Jisulife is promoting copyrighted products.

Jisulife Shenzhen
Image: Sears

Why the price variance? Jisulife is promoting its products are varying prices. Sears’ price is $38.99 compared to the price of $5.12 at Alibaba.  Why charge consumers an additional $11.12 when purchasing through the official website? The Alibaba price is fair, not $16.24, and definitely not $38.99. If you wanted to get technical, you’d consider this an up-charge scam.

The vendor acquires paid reviews and press releases from various sites to legitimize its products.

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