KeraVita Pro – ClickBank Affiliate Supplement

0 ( is an online supplement vendor. KeraVita Pro fights against fungal infections, according to the official website.

About The Founder

The founder of KeraVita Pro is Benjamin Jones who spend 17 years researching until research success, according to the website.

ClickBank Affiliate

The vendor is a ClickBank affiliate. ClickBank is an online marketplace with an affiliate program. Vendors join the ClickBank affiliate program to promote their products. ClickBank is a legitimate business, but many of its affiliates are not.

ClickBank is accredited by BBB, with an A+ rating and a 1.64-star customer rating related to 121 complaints in the last year. The low BBB customer rating is associated with various affiliate vendors – ACIDABURN, Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic, DIY Smart Saw, Trim Cown Club, WiFi Bosses, Market Domination, ToxiBurn, CarboFix, Survival Gear Club, Diabetes Superfood Recipe, and more.

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Refund Policy

The vendor claims to offer a 60-day customer satisfaction guarantee. On the homepage (at the bottom), ClickBank describes KeraVita Pro sales “as is,” which means there is not customer guarantee. At the bottom of the checkout page, you will see, ClickBank claims to offer a 60-day refund or replacement.


This is extremely confusing for consumers. We suggest validating the Refund Policy before investing. It appears all sales go through ClickBank, not the affiliate.


KeraVita Pro Ingredients

The vendor claims KeraVita Pro is manufactured in a US-based facility. Consumers are urged to invest sooner than later due to high demand and potential sellout. There is no available information regarding the ingredients on either website.

Afterword – KeraVita Pro Scam

Is KeraVita Pro a scam? There is no evidence available to make this determination. However, this is a ClickBank affiliate. If you are not familiar with the ClickBank affiliate program, you should do not research. ClickBank affiliates do not have the best reputation for being honest. In fact, there are way too many customer complaints related to ClickBank affiliates. Customer complaints are regarding shipping, credit card processing, and customer support issues, as well as unauthorized charges.

If you have already make a purchase and did not receive your order, we suggest a BBB complaint against ClickBank. File the complaint before the 60-day refund deadline.


There is no evidence to back up the founder – Benjamin Jones – claims.

The lacking ingredient information is also worrisome. When vendors do not provide this information, consumers should immediately refuse to invest in their supplements. There are just way too many health risks involved in taking supplements that have not been tested by a third-party firm. It is also suspect, Jones claims KeraVita Pro is manufactured in a US facility, again, there is no evidence to back up the claim. These claims are extremely popular among ClickBank and other unofficial supplement vendors.

Last, but not least, many ClickBank-marketed supplements have low customer ratings, all associated with low potency and effectiveness. This could be why unofficial supplements have not been caught up in lawsuits.

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