LCZIV Inflatable Bouncer – Fake Or Legit!

0 is an e-commerce vendor. The LCZIV collection consists of inflatable outdoor toys – Banzai Pipeline Twist, Magic Time Twin Falls, Magic Castle Bounce House, and Blast Zone Superstar Party Moonwalk.

About The Vendor

The About Us page does not provide any significant information about the vendor. At the top of the homepage, there is an alert that claims all the products sold by LCZIV are Walmart clearance items. is the contact email for LCZIV.


LCZIV Refund Policy

LCZIV has a 7-day refund policy, which may or may not cover “unconditional returns”. Shipping fees will be imposed on some returns, according to the Refund Policy.


Suspicious Images

LCZIV claims its product line is “Walmart clearance”. With this in mind, you would expect to see the same product images on both Walmart and LCZIV. However, a Google Image Search revealed the same images on Amazon, Factqp, Productqp, Soshinezs, ZXODR, and Ticeleni.

Image: Google Search

Domain Information

The website was registered on May 13, 2021.


Not Accredited By BBB-Accredited

The vendor is not accredited by or registered with BBB.

Afterword – LCZIV Scam

Is LCZIV a scam? There is not enough evidence available to make this determination. The website does not have good online visibility, which is most likely due to its newness. It has only been registered for 2 weeks. It takes quite some time for most online vendors to gain enough visibility to draw in consumers.

A major red flag, the website does not utilize unique product images. A Google Image Search connects the images to several vendors, including Amazon. Alibaba and AliExpress searches utilizing the keyphrase “inflatable bouncer” did not render matching results for LCZIV bounce house.

Know the Refund Policy to avoid any confusion when returning items to the vendor. Depending on the size, it would be extremely difficult if not impossible to return a heavy inflatable bounce house to the vendor. In this case, the vendor has already stated that only specific return requests would be accepted without monetary penalties.

A Google Image Search revealed several websites, including Amazon, utilizing the same product images. This could mean, LCZIV is an Amazon dropshipper. If this is the case, a refund would not be possible. Besides, if the same products are available on Amazon, your best and safest shopping option would be Amazon.

Know what you are getting yourself into before buying. If the vendor is dropshipping, returns are off the table.

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