Legitimate Evapolar EvaCHILL Mini Air Conditioner Review

Amazon Evapolar mini cooler

Image: Evapolar.com

Evapolar.com is an e-commerce store for the Evapolar EvaChill. The vendor sells various personal air conditioners, including:

  • EvaChill
  • EvaLight Plus
  • EvaSmart

About Evapolar

The website is owned and operated by Cooltrade Inc at 1013 Centre Road, Wilmington, DE 19805. The address is a commercial property, Delle Done Corporate Center.

Amazon Evapolar CoolTrade
Image: Evapolar.com

Cooltrade Inc is a domestic corporation in Delaware. The registered agent is listed as VCORP Services, LLC at 1013 Centre Road Suite 403-B, Wilmington, DE 19805, according to the Department of State: Division of Corporations website.

CoolTrade, Inc – Cooltrade.org – is a fully robotic stock trading software, according to its Facebook page and BBB filing. A BBB business filing provides the address 14362 N Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd, Scottsdale, AZ 85260. The CEO is listed as Mr. Edward Barsano.

Image: Delaware Government

There is no evidence to link Evapolar to CoolTrade.

Amazon Evapolar
Image: Facebook

Alibaba Look-A-Like

Evapolar EvaChill is priced at $99 per unit. The Alibaba version is priced at $5.90 per unit. The Alibaba seller is listed as Ningbo Tamong Import&Export. Tamong has been an Alibaba seller for 5 years.

Amazon Evapolar mini cooler
Image: Evapolar.com
Amazon air conditioner
Image: Alibaba

Evapolar EvaChill Return Policy

Cooltrade poses a restocking fee on all returns that arrive in damaged packaging. The restocking fee varies between $5 and $10, depending on the model.

Amazon Prime mini ac
Image: Evapolar.com

Not BBB-Accredited

Evapolar EvaChill is not accredited by BBB.

Afterword – EvaChill Scam

Evapolar Scam! Is Evapolar a scam? There is no evidence of a scam. The Amazon reviews are a mixture of 1 through 5 stars. It is crucial to validate the legitimacy of the reviews before purchasing. Sixteen percent of the reviews claim the unit doesn’t generate cold air, stopped working after several weeks of use, has no fan power, water tank leaks, and poorly constructed.

Amazon mini ac
Image: Amazon

None of these air conditioners are truly air conditioners. They are nothing more than a plastic box integrated with a USB computer fan and paper filters. There are literally hundreds of similar air cooler unit brands available at Alibaba and AliExpress for less than $10. American consumers take e-commerce vendors at face value. They make regrettable investments, such as the mini air conditioner.

There is no evidence to connect Evapolar EvaChill to CoolTrade Inc. According to a BBB filing and Facebook page, CoolTrade is a cryptocurrency software, not an air conditioner manufacturer. Why would a legitimate company sell the same product as an Alibaba seller?

Amazon Prime air conditioner
Image: BBB

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