Locobb.com – Why You Should Avoid This Site & All Marul Owned Sites


Portable air conditioners are growing in popularity so you may be eager to scoop one up immediately. The majority of these products are selling on Amazon and independent websites for $30 to $80. So, you need to make sure that you’re going to get your money’s worth. Locobb.com offers a handful of products including the Glacier Portable AC Cooler. Should you purchase products from this site or steer clear of it? Read our investigative work below so you can find out for yourself.

marul company limited locobb scam

What Is Locobb?

First and foremost, you should learn as much as possible about Locobb.com. Locobb’s About Us page says it specializes in retail website sales and was founded in 2016. It has now moved to international e-commerce services, has become an online retailer, and sells almost anything you can think of. According to Locobb, “Each product is carefully selected to provide the best quality at a low price.”

When checking the About Us page, we find out that the company claims to be located at Hamilton House, Mabledon Place in London England. Furthermore, it says that the company is owned and operated by Marul Company Limited. Strangely, the site is using oygug5v1611171@gmail.com as its customer service email. On the Intellectual Property Rights page, it has another email legal@whosebilling.com.

This gives us a bit of information to learn more about the owners of Locobb.

marul company limited scam

Marul Company Limited

Marul Company Limited has been registered in the United Kingdom. It was incorporated on April 7, 2017 and is registered at Hamilton House, Mabledon Place, London, England, WC1H 9BB. The nature of the business is 46420 – Wholesale of clothing and footwear. On May 7, 2020, the address was changed from 63 High Street Orpington Great London to the Hamilton House address.

In August of 2017, the Director’s details were changed to Miss Yuan Yuan Zou. In December 2019, Chenguang Jiang and Hawi Limited were named as persons with significant control. Yuan Yuan Zou was removed as a person with significant control.

Now, it appears that 1000 ordinary shares of the company are being held by HAWI Limited. Hawi Limited and Changuang Jiang are located in China. As for the Hamilton House address, it rents office spaces.

marul company locobb

Websites Operated By Marul Company Limited

Marul has been linked to a handful of websites over the years. Locobb.com is just one. Other websites that are or were connected to Marul can be found below.

  • MarFuny.com
  • PearlZone.com
  • Reminisceshop.com
  • Colorsta.com
  • DX.com – Dealextreme
  • Xyzbeads.com
  • Evedevices.com
  • Pierrebuy.com
  • Redlipsshop.com
  • Lightingyhouse.com
  • Ballmasonlids.com
  • Abdserry.com
  • Pandahall.com
  • Egemina.com
  • Singyer.com
  • Jinjibuy.com
  • Bullaces.com
  • Belinbes.com
  • Uhomely.com
  • BBBuys.com
  • Naomisale.com

The list goes on and on. Obviously, Marul Company Limited is running a lot of websites or someone is using its name and address.

marul company limited sites


Next, we should check out the customer service email being used by Locobb. When searching for this email, we can find that it is linked to even more websites. This email is associated with the following websites.

  • Xudaxiao.com
  • Yamumer.com
  • Baseuso.com
  • Greyishwhite.com
  • Grainsunny.com

Furthermore, we can check out the images linked to that email. When we do, we can see that they’re selling a lot of products from Alibaba.

marul company limited sites

The Products

On Locobb.com, we can buy the Glacier Portable AC Cooler for $56.85 but we’re confident that this is far too expensive. We’ve experimented with a similar portable AC and it wasn’t worth more than $5. Anyway, we can track down this product on Alibaba and find out what Locobb owners are paying for it. At this price, we would hope the product at least costs $20 or $30 to manufacture.

In the picture, you can see the Alibaba product on the left and the Glacier Portable AC on the right. While identical, the Alibaba product is significantly cheaper. In reality, both products are the same. The owner of Locobb just wants to make a $35+ profit thanks to unsuspecting Americans.

portable ac cheaper locobb
Same product cheaper on Alibaba

Mini Spy Camera

As for the Mini Spy Camera, we can buy them for as little as $9.80 on Alibaba. At the max, we’ll pay $12. On Locobb, we’ll pay $36.95 for the same product. Once again, Locobb is hoping to find unaware Americans who will pay higher prices.

lobocc mini spy camera scam
Same product is cheaper on Alibaba

The 500 ML Electric Mini Dehumidifier is also coming from Alibaba. On Locobb, you can buy it for $42.95 but it is only $15 on Alibaba. This makes it very difficult to recommend Locobb.

alibaba dehumidifier scam
Same dehumidifier


Should You Avoid Locobb?

We cannot recommend buying products from Locobb or any other website operated by Marul Company Limited. It is a Chinese firm selling products imported from China via Alibaba. Furthermore, the prices are too high. We’re concerned that the company’s customer service isn’t going to impress either. We suggest saving your money and buying stuff elsewhere. Remember to stay safe and research websites before paying!

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