LogixHealth DoctorPayments – A Failing ER Bill Collection Service


Doctorpayments.com is an online collection service. DoctorPayments is utilized by hospital emergency room physicians.

About The Company

The owner and operator of doctorpayments.com is LogixHealth, Inc., former Medical Reimbursement Systems, Inc. LogixHealth is a medical bill collection service. The Domestic Profit Corporation was established on May 30, 2001, as Medical Reimbursement Systems, Inc. The company filed for a name change on January 15, 2016.

Image: MA Secretary of State

LogixHealth is located at 8 Oak Drive, Bedford, MA 01730, according to the Massachusetts Secretary of State website.

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LogixHealth CEO is an emergency medicine specialist, Elijah Berg M.D. Berg.

Sitejabber 1-Star Customer Review

Florence B. reviewed DoctorPayments on February 9, 2020, describing the service as “shady”. The customer claimed DoctorPayments only accepts credit or debit card payments. She claimed the Contact Us page was not loading at the time of the visit to the website. She claimed the unpaid bill injured her credit score.

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Image: Sitejabber

Debbie G. posted a review for DoctorPayments, claiming the website does not provide consumers with a contact phone number. She claimed to have made one payment, which she wanted to confirm before making a follow-up payment. She described DoctorPayments as an “awful business”.

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The complainants claim their medical bills were related to emergency room physicians at Overlake Hospital, Baltimore Washington, and UNC emergency rooms physicians.

Another customer had a few choice words to say about DoctorPayments.

For the sake of DoctorPayments, the Contact Us page does provide the phone number (781) 276-6487.

Drpayments.com Domain

Drpayments.com was registered on July 5, 2004. The registrar is registered as GoDaddy Online Services Cayman Islands Ltd. After further review, it appears GoDaddy purchased the website, which is now up for sale.

Doctorpayments.com Domain

Doctorpayments.com was registered on April 25, 2002. The registrar information is withheld from the public.

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Dr. Elijah Berg Validation

A professional license validation via the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine website shows Elijah Berg was issued a physician’s license on February 12, 1997. Dr. Berg is currently employed Melrose-Wakefield Hospital at 8 Oak Park Drive, Bedford, MA 01730.

Image: Massachusetts Board of Registration In Medicine

Berg graduated from the University of Massachusetts Medical School on June 30, 1994.

LogixHealth BBB Rating

BBB has rated LogixHealth a “B”, based on 25 customer complaints in the past 3 years. The complaints are regarding the advancement to a collection agency while payments were thought to be paid in full, demotion of credit score, and failure to file a claim with healthcare insurance.

A complainant filed a BBB complaint on August 24, 2021, regarding a past due bill. The complainant claimed to have paid 3 payments, thinking the payments would avoid collections, but ended up in collections.

Another complainant filed a BBB complaint on June 10, 2021. The complainant claimed to have been covered under a healthcare plan and worker’s comp, which denied payment because of an unrelated bill. The medical service failed to file a claim with the healthcare plan, forcing the bill into the hands of LogixHealth.

Most of the complaints are regarding the website, which is not loading at the time of their visits.

Summary Drpayments.com Scam

Is Drpayments.com a scam? Is doctorpayments.com a scam? Drpayments.com and doctorpayments.com are two different websites. LogixHealth DoctorPayments appears to be an outlet for hospital emergency room physicians. Instead of hiring a team of workers to collect payments from patients, the bills are sent directly to DoctorPayments.

Most of the BBB complaints are related to website issues and failure to file healthcare insurance claims for services provided in emergency rooms. The company does appear to be lacking in the customer support department. Whether the issue is associated with trying to keep expenses at a minimum or another factor, the patients are the ones being injured by the decision to not hire an efficient customer support team.

If hospitals and emergency rooms physicians are going to rely on DoctorPayments to collect bills from their patients, they need to make sure the website is up 99.9 percent of the time. The website not loading is putting even more stress on patients who are already suffering from some type of medical condition.

Dr. Elijah Berg should be ashamed of DoctorPayments and how it is negatively impacting the lives of people who are suffering from acute or chronic illnesses. A strategy needs to be implemented to ensure the website is working and a door of communication between patients and customer support is open 24/7.

LogixHealth claims to provide patients with a payment plan option. However, if customer support is unavailable, this option is off the table. With a 15-day payment deadline, the inability to contact customer support, patients are left with little alternative but to pay their bills without dispute or collections gets involved.

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