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0 is an e-commerce vendor. Breathe Green Charcoal Bag eliminates allergens and foul odors, according to the official website.

About The Vendor

The website does not have an About Us page. The Contact Us page does not provide an address or phone number for customer support.

After going through the payment process, the PayPal account attached to Breathe Green is Margin Holdings Limited. The vendor is a Hong Kong private company limited by shares, according to the Hong Kong ICRIS Cyber Search Centre.

Image: China ICRIS Cyber Search Centre
Image: PayPal

Suspicious Images

The vendor utilizes images that are not unique. For example, the image of Lena Gardner is found on various websites, all of which utilize different names. For example, the Breathe Green review, supposedly written by Lena Gardner from Houston, Texas utilizes an image of Georgie Crozier. Georgina Mary Crozier is an Australian politician, according to Wikipedia.

Image: Liberal Victoria
Image: Wikipedia

Alibaba Replicas

BreatheGreen Carbon Bamboo Charcoal Bags are priced at $39.95 for three bags (buy 2 get 1 free). The Alibaba Replica is priced between $.66 and $.88 per unit.

Image: Alibaba

1-Star Bizapedia Rating

Margin Holdings Limited Has a 1-star Bizapedia rating. The low rating is related to several customer complaints. The Bizapedia filing provides the address Unit 1213, 12/F, Wing on Plaza 62 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui East, Kowloon, OT 000 000 HK.

Image: Bizapedia

The filing also shows the mailing address 754 Cobble Drive, Montrose, CO 81403, which appears to not a legitimate address.

C BBB Rating

Breathe Green has been rated a “C” by BBB and 1.29-star customer rating. A total of 16 BBB complaints have been filed against Modern Holdings Limited in the past year. The complaints were regarding violation of Refund Policy, unauthorized credit card charges, poor quality products, and return issues.

Image: BBB

Margin Holdings Limited is also connected to the Protein Pure Air Purifier, Alpha Heater, which is also connected to the BBB complaints.

Image: BBB

NU Lifestyle Marketing

Margin Holdings Limited is connected to NU Lifestyle Marketing, which has a “D” BBB rating. NU Lifestyle utilizes the address 12924 Pierce St., Pacoima, CA 91331. A Google search connects the address to Rapid Fulfillment, an e-commerce logistics service.

Image: BBB

The BBB complaints are regarding unauthorized credit card charges. The complaint claims $40.94 was charged to a credit card without authorization. The charge was for BreatheGreen.

Afterword – Is BreatheGreen A Scam?

Margin Holdings Limited is a Hong Kong business. The company had a Colorado business filing that is no longer active. The Colorado address does not appear to be legit. Shopping with a Hong Kong business is risky. Returns are nearly impossible unless you want to pay international shipping to China from the US.

The vendor utilizes images of Georgia Crozier, an Australian politician, probably without her authorization. Nayzayerz has reached out to Mrs. Crozier, regarding the image. Updates will be reported at a later date.

Several BBB complaints claim Margin Holdings charged the customers’ credit cards without authorization. Be cautious when buying from Margin Holdings Limited and NU Lifestyle Marketing, both vendors have low BBB ratings.

Margin Holdings Limited sells the same exact products sold on Alibaba. This is most likely an Alibaba/AliExpress dropshipper. If you look closely at BreatheGreen and the Alibaba replica, both products look the same, excluding the logos.

Chinese-manufactured products are rebranded, rebranded, and rebranded. This is not permitted in the United States. Third-party vendors are not permitted to rebrand a company’s products without legal authorization. Chinese vendors are not held accountable, so they can rebrand until their hearts’ are content. This is why there are so many of the same products, with varying brands on Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, and AliExpress.

Update: Nayzayerz received a response from Georgie Crozier:

Dear Nay

Thank you very much for your email and for alerting me to this scam that is using my details.

I do appreciate you making the effort in contacting me.

The Parliament’s IT services are now looking into this matter.

Kind regards,


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