Meticore – Unofficial, High-Risk Supplement Vendor

0 (, an online dietary supplement vendor. The blend of ingredients found in Meticore derives from natural sources. These ingredients – ginger, Moringa oleifera, bitter orange extract, brown seaweed extract, and African mango – combine together to create a metabolic booster, resulting in a healthier weight loss.


The price of Meticore is similar to its competitors with additional saving opportunities. The $59 for a 1-month supply is decreased by $10 per bottle with the purchase of a 3-month supply and $20 with a 6-month supply.

About Us

The website does not have an About Us or Contact Us pages. With not significant information, it is impossible to verify the legitimacy of Meticore.

Domain Information

The website was established on June 2, 2020.

Image: WhoIs

Not BBB-Accredited

Meticore is not accredited by the BBB. In fact, it is not even registered on the BBB platform.

Facebook Page

Meticore’s Facebook page is only a few months old, as is the website. No Facebook followers, only a few posts, and no interaction with American consumers, all red flags.

PayPal Account

The PayPal invoice shows the username as digistore24, a German affiliate, automation program.

Image: PayPal

Afterword – Scam

Loads of Meticore affiliate websites, no factual information (phone number or physical address) that could be utilized for validation purposes. It is not recommended to purchase supplements from unknown vendors. American consumers should demand third-party scientific testing before buying. This is the only way to determine the actual ingredients in Meticore. Otherwise, you could be taking an ingredient that could potentially be harmful to your health.

What happens if you purchase a 30-day supply of Meticore and the order is never processed? Your investment will be gone forever. It would be impossible to contact Meticore customer service due to the missing contact information. There is no way to hold Meticore responsible because you do not know the face behind the website.

As far as digistore 24 goes, the platform is not even registered with BBB. Unlike ClickBank, there is no proof digistore 24 will step up to protect the customer if their order is never processed.

Is Meticore a scam? There is no evidence to validate the legitimacy of Meticore.


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