Midweekpay – Like Giving Your Personal Information To A Dark Web Hacker


Midweekpay.com bridges the gap between consumers and lenders. It is not a payday lending service but connects consumers in need to cash with lenders. Qualifying consumers can borrow up to $5,000.

About Us

The website does not have About Us Or Contact Us pages.

Not A BBB-Accredited Website

The website is not listed on BBB.

Domain Information

The website was registered on October 24, 2016.

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Afterword – Midweekpay Scam

With little evidence available, Nayzayerz cannot safely say Midweekpay is a scam. However, the website acts as a medium between consumers and lenders. While it may connect you with a lender, the risk is not really worth it. To get the connection, you must answer a load of questions, such as an address, name, email, income, and driver’s license. Including a third-party into the lending process is very risky. You are virtually giving your personal information to a stranger. You may as well go on the dark web and give it to an online hacker.

What Midweekpay does with your personal information is another question that needs to be answered. If you want to borrow money, go directly through a reputable online lender. Most banks and credit unions offer online lending, eliminating the middle man like Midweekpay.

For all you know, Midweekpay may be selling your information on the dark web. Better yet, the website may be utilizing your information to get credit cards, public utilities, and other services.

Is Midweekpay a scam? Probably, since the website does not offer any details that could be utilized for validity purposes.

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