Mizuno Shoes Global Solve Store – CustomerServiceBest And Oxborder Scam


Mizuno-shoes.us is an online vendor of Mizuno brand shoes. The selection includes the Enigma collection, which is very limited when compared to the official Mizuno website. Mizuno has a broad selection of running, golf, baseball, volleyball, training, volleyball, and softball shoes.

Contact Us

The Contact Us and About Us does not provide significant information that could be utilized to validate the website. At the bottom of the main page, the website claims to be powered by Mizuno Shoes, but there is not enough evidence to back up this claim.

Image: Mizuno-shoes.us

The Contact Us email is supprt@oxborder.com. The website also utilizes the email arthur@globalsolvestore.com, making the website appear to be connected to the Global Solve Store.

Image: mizuno-shoes.us

The official mizunousa.com website provides several contact options, including the toll-free phone numbers (800) 966-1211, (888) 966-1211, and (800) 392-9899. Consumers can also utilize the MizunoUSA live chat during business hours.

Oxborder Scam

Oxborder.com is no longer an active website. However, it has been linked to various online scams. The website has a 1-star BBB customer rating with several complaints regarding unauthorized credit card charges and non-deliveries. A Google search showed the website in an inactive status.

Image: BBB

Oxborder joined forces with CustomerServiceBest to develop websites for approximately 160 brands that would be utilized to scam consumers worldwide. The scam duo is connected to Yeezy, Roots, Vans, Adidas, Nike, Skechers, Trek, Patagonia, Michael Kors, Swarovski, Intex, and many others.

These unofficial scam website have successfully scammed consumers out of hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

GlobalSolveStore Scam

GlobalSolveStore (Global Solve Store) is also linked to a retail scam. Several consumers claimed to have been scammed out of hundreds of dollars by the website. It appears the same scam artist is also connected to another scam website orderlycollectione.xyz.

Heavily Discounted Mizuno Shoes

The Mizuno Shoes Global Solve Store selection is heavily discounted compared to the official website. The retail price is discounted by 67%. In addition to the 67% discount, shipping is free.

Domain Information

Mizuno-shoes.us was registered by Morton Hinkle at 1294 N Chadds Ford Rd, Prescott Valley, AZ 86314 on September 14, 2018.

Image: WhoIs

Afterword – Mizuno Shoes Scam

Is mizuno-shoes-us a scam? The unofficial website is a scam. Just ask yourself is it possible for Mizuno Shoes to make a profit offering consumers 67% off the retail price. This is a very common practice among scam retail websites, which are not linked to official brand websites.

If ever you encounter such an offer, you must think twice before investing because it is probably a scam. It is not even remotely possible for the website to be legit. If Mizuno was going to offer its shoes heavily discounted, it would be through its official website.

It appears the scam artists responsible for this website is also linked to a Vans Shoes website.

The website is not registered with or accredited by the BBB.

These scam websites utilize Facebook, Amazon, Yahoo, and Google ads, as well as press releases to appear legitimate. Unaware consumers get caught up in the scam when they invest hundreds of dollars in the heavily discounted products. What they do not know is they will never receive their order.

It is unfortunate, mainstream media does not invest more time in bringing awareness to these scams.

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