My Scooters And ATV “Arlington Power Sports” – Fake Or Legit!

0 is an online ATV vendor. The Arlington Power Sports “My Scooters and ATV” collection includes the Apollo Jumpfun Sedna 12, TaoTao TBR7, Lifan X-Pect 200, Massimo Warrior 1000, RPS XMOTO 125cc, Raptor 200, Vitacci Mini Hunter 60cc, TrailMaster Mini Bike Storm 200, and more.

About The Vendor

Arlington Power Sports utilizes the address 3201 E Pioneer Pkwy #34, Arlington, TX 76010. The vendor utilizes the phone number (817) 649-7823. A Google search connects the address to Addis Motors (car dealer), The Scooter Store, VMR Motor Cars, Car-Go Investments, and TXPowerSports “Texas Power Sports”.

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1.67 BBB Customer Rating

My Scooters and ATV has a 1.67-star BBB customer rating, 26 customer complaints in the last 12 years, and 53 customer complaints in the last 3 years.

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The customer complaints are regarding non-deliveries, shipping damage, non-response to customer complaints, false advertising, wrong product description, return issues, poor quality, missing keys, and refund issues.

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50 Percent Restocking Fee

The vendor threatens to penalize customers for returned items. The monetary penalty would reduce the full refund by 50 percent for restocking. Return freight shipping would be deducted from the 50 percent refund, according to the BBB complaint.

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Ricky Power Sports

Ricky Power Sports is another online ATV vendor. The vendor claims to be located at 2425 Camp Ave., Ste 100, Carrollton, TX 75006. A business search via the Texas CPA website validated Ricky Power Sports as an active business. An address search rendered a 2-star Yelp rating and a 2.5-star Facebook rating. The customer complaints are similar to those of My Scooters and TVA, Arlington Power Sports,

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Business Search

A business search via the Texas Secretary of State website did not render results for Arlington Power Sports. The vendor falsely claims the RPS TK 200 is manufactured by Vitacci, according to a BBB complaint.

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My Scooters and ATV is a licensed LLC in Texas. The business filing shows the registered agent as Sharma Gaurav and registered office 5323 Kathryn Dr., Grand Prairie, TX 75052. A Google search does not render results for the address, but it does connect Sharma Gaurav to a nearby address “5327 Kathryn Dr., Grand Prairie, TX 75052.”

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A search via the Dallas Central Appraisal District website for 5327 and 5323 Kathryn Dr. did not render results.

Image: Dallas Central Appraisal District

NTX Power Sports

It is not clear if NTX Power Sports “” is linked to Arlington Power Sports. NTX Power Sports claims to be a “dealership” at 11261 Harry Hines Blvd., Suite A, Dallas, Texas 75229. A Google search returned a Yelp rating of 3 stars. A business search via the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts website did not render results for NTX Power Sports.

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TXPowerSports “Texas Powersports”

TX Power Sports may or may not be associated with My Scooters and ATV. The vendor has a 1-star BBB customer rating. A review claims the vendor is located in the “Middle East.” A business search via the Texas CPA website validated Texas Powersports as an LLC in Texas. The business filing utilizes the address 13220 W. Highway, Suite 290, Austin, TX 78737.

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Smart Deals Now Amazon Third-Party Seller

Smart Deals Now is an Amazon third-party seller, with a 64% rating. The vendor sells the same ATVs as My Scooters and ATV. The vendor’s Amazon page claims to be DBA “Smart Toys LLC at 11937 Denton Dr., Suite 100, Dallas, TX 75234. A business search via the Texas CPA website validated Smart Toys as an active business at the aforementioned address. The registered agent was Hussain Ali Damanwall.

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Smart Deals Now sells virtually the same ATVs as Texas Powersports and My Scooters and ATV.

Tao Tao

Tao Tao has a 2-star Yelp customer rating. The low rating is connected to poor quality, It is unclear if Tao Tao is linked to My Scooters and ATV.

Afterword – My Scooters And ATV Scam

It is crucial to read customer reviews before buying from these vendors. These websites and Amazon accounts may be controlled by the same scam artist or a group of scam artists. It is easy to see why consumers get caught up in these scams. Some are registered LLCs, claiming to have land-based “dealerships” in Texas. However, none of these LLCs are located in Texas. They utilized registered agents like LegalZoom, Incfile, Zen Business, Swyft Filing, LegalNature, and Rocket Lawyer.

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A registered agent does all the leg work, processing all the legal documents needed for the LLC filing. The registered agent is authorized to process legal documents on the client’s behalf. Do your research, it will not take long before you discover most LLCs are operated by internationalists in India and China.

Image: BBB
Image BBB

If you take the time to compare customer complaints for My Scooters and ATV, Ricky Power Sports, TX Powersports, and NTX Power Sports, you will immediately notice they share many similarities.

Chinese manufacturers appear to be okay with the rebranding of their products. Any Joe Schmoe can purchase these products and have them rebranded with their logo. The products have different brand logos, even though they are all produced by the same manufacturer. The Amazon Marketplace, eBay platform, Alibaba, and Aliexpress are over-saturated with rebranded products. How Amazon and eBay get away with promoting illegal rebranded products is extraordinary. The FTA refuses to step up to the plate.

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Scam vendors all operate in the same manner. Vendors process some orders and not others. Some orders arrive in good condition while others do not.

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My Scooters and ATV said it themselves, China is responsible for the wrong product description. This goes to say, these vendors are dropshipping from Chinese manufacturers, most likely through Alibaba and AliExpress.

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As far as the ATVs go, they are probably all produced by the same Chinese manufacturer. It is also possible, all the websites and Amazon and eBay accounts are operated by the same scam artist(s).

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