Nano Hearing Aids – No Better Than The Magic Ear Hearing Aid

0 specializes in a unique Bluetooth-enabled hearing aid. The Nano Sigma syncs with mobile devices via a mobile app.


About Us

The About Us page claims Nano Hearing Aids was established in 2017. The Contact Us page utilizes the phone number (480) 336-9292, warehouse address 511 South Royal Lane, Coppell, TX 75019, and headquarters address 16427 North Scottsdale Road, Suite 410, Scottsdale, AZ 8524.

Image: Texas Comptroller Website

A business search via the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts website did not render any results for Nano Hearing Aids. The headquarters address belongs to the Slatebridge Restaurant Group. The warehouse address belongs to or did belong to Premier Logitech.

Domain Information

The website was registered on April 24, 2017, via a proxy.

Image: WhoIs

AliExpress Look-A-Like

The Nano X2.0 Hearing aid is priced at $697.00. The same hearing aid is available on AliExpress for about $10, no more than $20.

Image: Alibaba

Afterword – Nano Hearing Aids Scam

Is Nano Hearing Aids a scam? Yes, it is definitely not unique or worth $700. The same hearing aid is available on Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, and AliExpress. Professional hearing aids require a customized mode, which is performed by a hearing aid specialist. These hearings cost anywhere between $300 and $6,000.

The Nano Hearing Aid is no better than the as-seen-on-tv hearing aids. Save your money and visit a licensed hearing aid specialist. Prescription hearing aids are specifically designed to meet the patient’s hearing needs.

The website is not BBB-accredited. But, it has closed 800 cases in the last three years and 647 in the last 12 months. It also has a 1-star Yelp rating and a 3.9-star Amazon rating, which is based on fake reviews.

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