National Association Of Community Health Workers ‘NACHW’ COVID-19 Test Kits

0 is owned and operated by the National Association of Community Health Workers “NACHW,” a nonprofit organization in the United States. NACHW was established by Community Health Workers “CHWs,” according to the official website.

IRS Tax Exempt Organization Search

A nonprofit organization service via the IRS website validates NACHW as legitimate. The 990-N provides the mailing address, 264 Bay State Road, Boston, MA 02215. The EIN 83-4350020 is on file for NACHW.

Image: IRS

NACHW’s CCE is listed as Wandy Hernandez.

NACHW Membership

NACHW membership program includes a monthly newsletter, webinar, access to the CHW member directory, town hall meetings, and action alerts for $20 per month.

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Vaccine Equity Cooperative

NACHW co-established the Vaccine Equity Cooperative to ensure access to reliable COVID-19 vaccine information to companies and community organizations.

CHW COVID-19 Online Training

CHW developed an eight-course COVID-19 online training program for health workers operating in low- and middle-income countries. The program covers various COVID-19 topics, including public health effect mitigation and basic and high-level data derived from reliable resources.

CHW Covid-19 Online Training Program includes resourceful information collected from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, CDC, WHO, and UN.

Not BBB-Accredited

NACHW is not accredited by BBB.

Are NACHW COVID Tests Legit

NACHW does not distribute COVID-19 test kits. Instead, the organization directs consumers to the US government website, You can order your free COVID test kits directly from the US government website starting January 19, 2022.


Afterword – NACHW Scam

Is NACHW legit? Yes, NACHW is registered with IRS as a nonprofit organization. The organization is designed to support Community Health Workers practicing in poor communities.

NACHW is not responsible for collecting orders or distributing COVID-19 testing kits. The organization provides a list to the NACHW helps people access free testing kits by directing them to the US government website.

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