Nature’s Formula BioFit Probiotic – ClickBank Vendor “F” BBB Rating

0 is a supplement store. BioFit ProBiotic supports healthy weight loss and gut health, according to the official website. Other websites affiliated with BioFit include:


About The Founder

Chrissie Miller founded BioFit, according to the website. The manufacturer is Natures Formulas, not to be confused with Nature’s Formula. Natures Formulas’ supplements include Curcumin180, Fiber Fit, Sight Care, and BioFit.

Image: Natures Formulas

There is no evidence, this person exists, other than loads of paid fake reviews,.

ClickBank Vendor

The ClickBank marketplace bridges the gap between manufacturers or vendors and consumers. ClickBank has been in operation since 1998. Since then, the Idaho-headquartered company has earned quite a reputation for scams. While ClickBank is a licensed Idaho business, its vendors not so much. Many ClickBank vendors are nothing more than scam artists.

Image: BBB

ClickBank handles the checkout process. Vendors are paid weekly or bi-weekly, depending on preference.

ClickBank is accredited by BBB, with an A+ rating and 1.65-star customer rating. The low rating is associated with 103 BBB customer complaints, regarding unauthorized credit card charges, ineffective products, refund issues, and unexpected return shipping charge.

BioFit BBB Complaint

A BBB complaint filed on June 11, 2021, claimed 3 months of BioFit resulted in a weight gain, not a weight loss. The customer claimed the vendor agreed to reimburse 50 percent of the total cost, but did not follow through. It took several correspondences with ClickBank for the customer to be issued a full refund.

Image: BBB

GoFit “F” BBB Rating

BBB has issued an alert for GoFit, claiming to have received multiple reports claiming unauthorized credit card charges, Refund Policy violations, and fake celebrity endorsement.

Image: BBB

The BBB filing for GoFit procies the address 3201 W Hillsborough Ave., Tampa, FL 33684, which is a USPS post office. There are endless scam website utilizing the same address:

  • Youth Forever
  • Aquil Lab
  • Zyalix
  • TacLight
  • Wonder Nutrition
Image: Google Maps

A business search via the Florida Sunbiz Division of Corporations website did not render results for Natures Formulas.

Image: Florida Division of Corporation SunBiz

Afterword – BioFit Probiotic Scam

BioFit scam! Is BioFit a scam? There is not enough evidence to back up this theory. The manufacturer, Natures Formulas does not provide consumers with a physical address or return address. The vendor’s Refund Policy does not provide customers to return unused, unopened bottles. The vendor claims all refund requests, prior to the 90-day deadline, will be processed accordingly.


The BBB alert for GoFit is enough to warrant concern among consumers. Natures Formulas is not a legitimate Florida business. The physical address is a USPS location in Tampa.

We do not recommend ClickBank products because the vendors are not American, but internationalists, either in China or India. The good news, ClickBank will respond to BBB complaints.

Consumers need to be cautious about inputting personal information in online payment processor order forms. Once the form is submitted, the payment processor collects the information, even before the customer authorizes the payment. Scam vendors are utilizing these opportunities to defraud consumers. Getting a refund is nearly if not impossible, even with a BBB complaint.

It is important to note, scam vendors are notorious for buying fake paid reviews, in an effort to makes its product(s) look relevant. This is a Blackhat technique utilized to build online awareness. Fake reviews is better than no online awareness.

BBB is a go-to reliable online shopping platform. Do not trust paid reviews or ClickBank.

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