Nature’s Formula Sugar Balance – BBB Rating “F”

0 is an online supplement vendor. The Sugar Balance formula is comprised of natural ingredients that work together to support optimal blood glucose levels, improve energy, and stabilize mood, according to the vendor website.

About The Manufacturer

The manufacturer of Sugar Balance is Natures Formulas. The Contact Us page provides the address 4160 Prime Pkwy, McHenry, IL 60050. A Google Maps search shows the address being that of the Home State Bank, which is temporarily closed, according to Google Maps.

Image: Google Maps

The vendor utilizes the phone number (866) 460-6008, which is connected to Sugar Balance, BioFit Probiotic, and RimVital.

Image: Google Search

FDA-Approved Claim

Nature’s Formulas claims its Sugar Balance is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA denies approving dietary supplements, with exceptions. A business search via the Illinois Secretary of State website did not render results for Natures Formulas or Nature’s Formulas.

Image; Illinois Secretary Of State

A business search did not validate Nature’s Formula as a legitimate company. So, how is it legal to make such claims? Nayzayerz has reached out to the FDA, regarding the FDA-approval claims.

Image: FDA Website

Domain Information

The website was registered on February 28, 2021.

Suspicious Images

The vendor tried to conceal the origin of its images by removing the image links. We captured copies of the images and ran them through Google Image Search. Sure enough, the images originated from CVSHealth, Queensland Government Darling Downs Health, Memorial Regional Health, Mayo Clinic websites, and others.

Image: Google Search
Sugar Balance

Even the Sugar Balance label image originated from several sources, all of which are most likely affiliate websites.

Irrelevant Scientific Studies

Here is a typical scam website, posting tons of irrelevant studies and government agency logos. None of the studies on the website are geared toward Sugar Balance. These are just random studies that have nothing whatsoever to do with Sugar Balance. Unfortunately, too many consumers fall for these scam tactics.

Not BBB-Accredited – Nature’s Formula For Healthy Living

A BBB filing for Natures Formula shows the address PO Box 480713, Charlotte, NC 28269, phone number (800) 280-3414, and domain The domain is another supplement vendor – Nature’s Formula For Healthy Living Healing Herbs and Nature’s Formula For Healthy Living Cleansing Herbs.

Image: BBB

Nature’s Formula has an F-BBB rating, with 4 complaints in the last year. The complaints are regarding defective products, non-deliveries, poor customer service, false advertisement, and refund issues.

Image: BBB

Several complaints claimed purchases, made via a Christian broadcast channel, were never processed or shipped. Another customer questioned the legitimacy of the supplement.

BBB Filing – Nature’s Formula McHenry IL

The filing for Nature’s Formula McHenry, IL location has an F-BBB rating, with 3 complaints, regarding non-deliveries, no customer support, and refund issues. A complaint referred to Nature’s Formula as a “scam” because a refund request was ignored. The customer claimed his wife reported hyperglycemia (high blood sure) after ingesting the supplement.

The vendor has another BBB filing for Nature’s Formula for Healthy Living. BBB has yet again rated Nature’s Formula an F due to similar customer complaints that have gone completely unaddressed.

Side Effect Claims

The vendor claims Sugar Balance is side-effect-free. Supplement vendors should not make such claims because the ingredients utilized in these products do have potential side effects. Take, for instance, the BBB complaint that claimed his wife reported a hyperglycemia episode after ingesting Sugar Balance.

  • Schisandra Chinese Fruit – Potentially serious allergic reaction
  • Licorice Root – Hypertension (high blood pressure, fluid retention, paralysis, brain damage, and irregular heartbeat when taken for several consecutive weeks
  • Lycium Chinese Fruit – Nosebleeds, diarrhea, skin allergies,
  • Balloon Flower – Fatigue, nausea, anxiousness, vomiting, and sweating
  • Soloman’s Seal – Blood glucose maintenance interference

Afterword – Nature’s Formula Scam

Is Nature’s Formula a scam? Yes, Nature’s Formula – Natures Formulas, Nature’s Formula’s, and Nature’s Formula For Healthy Living – is a scam. The unresolved BBB complaints are proof enough, Nature’s Formula a scam.

Image: BBB

After several failed business validation searches, there does not appear to be a legitimate Nature’s Formula. Customers reported their monetary losses to BBB have lost an estimated $3,000. There are probably more victims that are not reporting their losses.

It is easy to see why consumers get caught up in Nature’s Formula and other online scams. Scam artists go all out trying to legitimize their products. Most go as far as to buy backlink articles and press releases from BlackHat vendors. The goal is to grow online awareness through paid fake reviews, backlink articles, and Google, Facebook, and Amazon ads.

There are only a few review websites that are trustworthy. These are BBB, Trustpilot, Ripoff Report, and Sitejabber, all of which are customer review platforms. While these platforms are legit, not all customer reviews are legit. It is impossible for these websites to rule out fake product reviews. It is possible to validate the customer’s IP address, which would help eliminate duplicates. If the platform refuses to validate the IP address, it is possible for the customers to post several reviews, utilizing fake email accounts.

The scammer’s goal is to conceal as many of the legitimate customer complaints and reviews as possible by flooding the Internet with fake 5-star reviews.

The Internet is over-saturated with Sugar Balance affiliate websites, fake reviews, and press releases. It is unfortunate when consumers get caught up in these scams. Tallying up the total losses reported through BBB alone is about $3,000.

There is no mention of third-party testing, which tests for potency and purity. Third-party testing results can help consumers determine the accuracy of the manufacturer’s purity and potency claims. These tests test for harmful, unwanted ingredients, artificial flavors, and other important details.

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