NelkBoys SteveWillDoIt Wizza Sweepstakes – Fake Or Legit!

0 is a charitable sweepstakes platform. Wizza giveaways include a Lamborghini, Tesla Model 3, Polaris RZR, celebrity fan experience, Rolex Oyster Perpetual Watch, $3,000 Amazon gift card, Louis Vuitton Keepall Bandouliere 45, Dior B23 High Top Sneaker, and more.

Require A Donation

To enter most Wizza Sweeps, a financial donation is required. The Wiza House claims to donate a portion of each donation to charities, such as Shatterproof, ThinkGreat Foundation, and a GoFundMe campaign, geared toward the rescue of Afghani refugees.


Wizza House claims to partner with Faze Banks, Sommer Ray, Adin Ross, ThatWasEpic, Tanner Fox, Royalty Exotic Cars, Tj Hunt, and more.

Domain Information

Wizza claims to be “super old”. The website was registered on April 3, 2001.

Image: WhoIs

Charity Validation

The US Federal Trade Commission recommends consumers to validate the legitimacy of charities before donating. The agency recommends three organizations – BBB Wise Giving Alliance, Charity Navigator, and CharityWatch.

Image: BBB Wise Giving Alliance

A charity search via CharityWatch did not render results for Wizza. CharityNavigator did not render results for Wizza. BBB Wise Giving Alliance did not validate Wizza as a licensed charity.

Image: CharityWatch

IRS Tax Exempt Organization Search did not find Wizza in the agency’s database.

Image: IRS

Not Accredited By BBB

Wizza is not BBB-accredited. The website does not even have a BBB filing.

Donation Requirement

The Official Rules page states “No Purchase or Donation is Necessary To Enter or Win”. However, if you click on a giveaway item, you will find several donation options – $5 for 100 entries, $10 for 200 entries, and so forth. There is only one prize with free entry.



The sweepstake appears to be operated by Stevewilldoit. A Google search revealed a Reddit post, claiming Stevewilldoit is involved in a YouTube sweepstakes. Uni_Tutor created a post about 2 months ago, claiming Stevewilldoit has a YouTube channel with around 7 million subscribers. A video promoting the sweepstakes has a direct link to The Reddit member describes why Wizza is a scam.

Image: Reddit

A Reddit Fullscam post explains why Wizza is a scam. EliteScoutSniper created a post 1 day ago, accusing NELK of using “paid actors”. Revolutionary-Fee137 created a post, regarding the NelkBoys and SteveWillDoIt.

Image: Reddit

The Reddit posts are very in-depth, with various members making scam allegations against Wizza. According to multiple Reddit members, SteveWillDoIt, NelkBoys, PrivateBet, and others.

Afterword – Wizza Scam

Is Wizza a scam? There is no evidence to validate the legitimacy of the so-called sweepstakes charity website. A search of the IRS Tax Exempt Organization database did not find Wizza. There is no evidence to validate the scam accusations or Wizza.

Several Reddit members are following the NelkBoys and SteveWillDoIt, as well as others. If this is a scam enterprise, the FTC needs to get involved. It appears multiple people have reported Wizza and other connected operations to the FTC.

The story continues with the help of Reddit users. Be sure to check out the hundreds of posts, regarding NelkBoys and Steve.

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