Niccom Store Scam Or A Respectable Brand?


It sure seems everyone and their mother is creating online stores. With platforms like Shopify and Woocommerce, it is easier than ever. Furthermore, people can easily source products from Alibaba and AliExpress without needing to develop or test those products first. is one of the latest online stores and it is primarily selling a Fish Hook Detacher. Within this article, Nayzayerz will explore the company, its product, and try to determine whether the store is a scam or a legit start-up company.


What Is NiccomStore?

Niccom is an online store that has three products including a fish hook detacher, lifelike fish lure, and lanyard. On Niccom’s website, there is no information about the company’s headquarters or place of business. They only have a contact email Furthermore, the site offers a link to a Facebook page and an Instagram page.

On the Facebook page, it claims that the company is based in the Netherlands. The Instagram account offers very little information as well. It has three posts with limited engagement but supposedly has 755 followers. As for the Facebook page, it has 2,025 likes and 2,400 followers but few engagements.

So, there is a chance that the follows and likes were bought and paid for. On the site’s Terms and Conditions page, we find out that it is located in the Netherlands. At least, this is what the site owner is saying. Other than that, there isn’t much else about the supposed company. Despite being located outside of the United States, it claims to be shipping products directly from warehouses in Charlotte, North Carolina.

niccom store fish hook detacher
Fish hook detacher on

Where Does Get Its Products?

One of the most important things to do when shopping online is to make sure you’re going to receive high-quality products. Checking Alibaba and making sure that the products do not come from there is generally a good idea. If they are on Alibaba, they’re likely being sold on AliExpress too. Why does this matter?

Well, websites such as Niccomstore often charge much higher prices for the same products being sold on AliExpress. If you absolutely must buy these products, you should buy them on AliExpress and save yourself some money.

We should take a few minutes to look at the “company’s” primary product, the Portable Fish Hook Detacher. It is being sold for $20.99 on It is available in several colors including Silver, Gold, Red, Blue, and XL.

fish hook detacher on alibaba
Fish hook detacher on Alibaba

An identical product is being sold on Alibaba for $2.00 apiece. It is available in red, blue, orange, and silver. The product on Alibaba and the product on Niccomstore have the same ridges at the top of the handle. They’re virtually identically.


How Much Will Niccom Store Make?

It is tough to believe that more than a few people have bought anything from Niccomstore. The reviews on the site were likely written by a freelance writer or the site owner. Nevertheless, it is clear that Niccomstore has an idea to make money by charging American consumers outrageous prices for 2 dollar items.

The only hurdle they must jump is the excessive shipping fees which are so common on Alibaba since the items are imported from China. The “company” or site owner can avoid that problem by purchasing the item from AliExpress and letting the AliExpress dealer drop ship the fish hook detacher to the Niccomstore customer.

On AliExpress, there is one seller dealing with the same product. It is available for $2.82 and $5.32 shipping via USPS. This is shipped directly from the United States. At this rate, Niccomstore can make nearly $12 on each portable fish hook detacher sold on its website.

portable fish detacher on aliexpress
Fish hook detacher on aliexpress

And, it never has to handle the products or ship the products. The dealer on AliExpress takes care of that side of the business. This is likely the method the site owner is using since it is easier and less risky. By drop shipping from AliExpress, there really aren’t any risks at all.


Should You Buy From Niccomstore?

Why should you? Are you really going to pay approximately $12 extra so whoever is running Niccomstore can put money in his or her pocket? You’re not that generous, are you? We’re not. There are better ways to donate your money. The same item is available on AliExpress for $8.04 and that includes shipping from a United States warehouse.

Before buying any unbranded or unknown product from a website you’ve never heard of, you should check to see if the same item is available on AliExpress. If it is, you should buy it there since it will be cheaper. Even if you buy it on, it may come from AliExpress. Look at the items and you can see for yourself that they’re one and the same.

We don’t advocate buying on AliExpress. However, those who are compelled to buy these products should buy them there because the site offers a tiny bit of protection and the prices are almost always cheaper. Don’t take our word for it. Do your own research.

fish hook detacher amazon
Amazon fish hook detacher is cheaper too

What About Amazon?

Funny enough, there are countless fish hook detachers being sold on Amazon as well. They’re identical to the ones available on Alibaba and AliExpress. The majority of them are significantly cheaper than what you’ll find on Niccomstore despite the site saying “Niccomstore products are exclusively available through this online store. That’s why we can guarantee the best price – and cut out unnecessary margins for middlemen that raise the retail price.”

Since return costs are not covered at, shopping elsewhere is best. The same products are available on Amazon for about $9. While there are various brands, there is a good chance most of them are imported from China through Alibaba or they’re drop shipped from AliExpress.

Feel free to buy the cheapest because they’re likely identical products. If you want the lowest price, go with AliExpress. Otherwise, Amazon at least offers some customer protection so an additional 90 cents might be worth it.

2 thoughts on “Niccom Store Scam Or A Respectable Brand?

  1. I placed an order for this on 7/21/2020 and I still haven’t received my order yet! My order number is: NC138652. Would you please look into this and let me know when I am scheduled to receive it? Thank you! My order number is: NC138652
    Susan Avery-Rooks

    1. We’re not affiliated with Niccom. We do not recommend buying from that store. Did you buy with PayPal? If you did, you can file a claim with PayPal. If you paid with a credit card, you should try filing a chargeback.

      Hope this helps.

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