NinaCloak – A Fraudulent Online Vendor Selling Alibaba Knockoffs

0 is an e-commerce vendor that specializes in fashion. The NinaClock collection includes button-up long-sleeved shirts, pants, print t-shirts, jeans, dresses, footwear, and outwear.

Image: NinaCloak

About The Vendor

The About Us page claims the website is owned and operated by Aober UK Limited at Suite 10c, 17-23 Queen Street, Deal, Kent, United Kingdom CT14 6EY. A Google search connects a Facebook page “Fraudulent Websites Online.” It appears, there are a large number of websites that utilize the same address.


A business search via the UK Companies House website validates Aober Uk Limited is a Private Limited Company. The company was registered on November 26, 2019.

Image: UK Companies House

Not So Unique

The NinaCloak collection is not unique. In fact, every product listed on the website is available at Amazon,,,,, and Walmart.

Image: Google Search Results

Pissed Consumer Complaints

NinaCloak has loads of Pissed Consumer complaints, regarding contact, delivery, size, poor quality items, and no communication. NinaCloak has 347 Pissed Consumer 1-star ratings and complaints.

Image: Pissed Consumer
Image: PissedConsumer

Afterword – NinaCloak Scam

Is NinaClock a scam? Yes, this is a scam website posing as Aober UK Limited. Do not buy from this vendor.

Image: Pissed Consumer

The NinaClock collection is available through various websites, including third-party Amazon and Walmart sellers, all of which are dropshipping from AliExpress and Alibaba. If you know anything about Alibaba and AliExpress (Chinese-designed) attire, you know they are low-quality and smaller than American sizes.

Image: Amazon

The Facebook page “Fraudulent Websites Online” is a great place to vent and post fraudulent websites. But, do not donate money to anyone pretending to raise money for a PayPal lawsuit. To even have a chance of winning such a lawsuit would require more money than the public could possibly raise until the 1% was onboard.

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