NYSwift – Garbage At Your Fingertips


With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Americans are buying more products online than ever before. These individuals take a major risk every time they purchase something online and this includes items being sold on Walmart and Amazon. NySwift.com sells an array of products but it may be best to stay away from this website. Below, we’re going to research NySwift and find out whether you should avoid it.

About NySwift

NYSwift.com is using the phone number +1 (541) 8057672. Its address is 629 W 1st Avenue 19365 Parkesburg. Unfortunately, NySwift has a shady returns policy. The return policy states “We do not provide return labels unless it is a manufacturer defect. In this situation, you will have to bear the return shipping cost.”

nyswift scam shipping
You pay return shipping!

So, you do not receive free returns. You’ll have to pay shipping costs and this will likely encourage you to take a loss and keep the product no matter how bad it is. When searching for the provided address, we cannot find anything. It does not seem to be a valid address. Using Chester County property assessor records, we can find that there is no 629 West 1st Avenue. The numbers only go up to 619 West First Avenue and that doesn’t belong to NySwift.

As for the phone number, a reverse phone number search shows that it is a non-fixed VoIP address based out of La Grande, Oregon. This is a phone number provided by Skype, Google Voice, or a similar provider. So, the address could belong to anyone.

nyswift scam site
No 629 address

NySwift On Facebook

We managed to track down the Facebook page for NySwift. It hasn’t posted anything since May 8 and has 1 like and 1 follow. The Facebook page is selling a variety of products including an Arctic Air Cooler Mini AC for $69.00 and Jive Mini Pods Earbuds for $29.99. The site is also selling the Blaux Portable AC for $69.00.

It hasn’t received any reviews yet.

alibaba nyswift scam
Alibaba price vs NySwift price

The Alibaba Check

We can be positive that the products on NySwift are being purchased from Alibaba and sold at much higher prices. We’ve already researched Jive Mini Pods and Blaux Portable AC scams so we know sites selling those products should not be trusted. Just for good measure, we’ll see if we can find NySwift’s products on Alibaba so we can find out how much they’re making on each transaction.

And, it doesn’t take long to track down NySwift’s Portable Mini Air Conditioner which is it selling for $79.98. As you can see from the pictures, the product is being sold for $15 or less on Alibaba. So, NySwift’s owner can make as much as $60 each time it sells one of these products.

What about the Laser Hair Removal Handset? On NySwift.com, it is being sold for $99.99. The same product is available for $23 or less on Alibaba. One again, the owner of NySwift can make as much as 60 bucks with each sale.

nyswift vs alibaba prices
Alibaba vs Nyswift prices

Is NySwift A Scam?

In all likelihood, NySwift is a scam. It is using a bogus address and a VoIP phone number. Furthermore, the site’s products are significantly cheaper elsewhere. If you buy from NySwift.com, you’re simply giving your money to the site’s owner for no good reason. Why pay $50 more for the same product? If you’re feeling generous, you should donate to a charity or send us your money (J/K lol). Better yet, keep your money because we’re all going to need it during the bumpy times ahead.

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