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Oceanproject.co is an online vendor with a mission in mind. The website offers a small selection of jewelry and apparel, all of which are geared toward marine life. Ocean Project claims to donate 10 percent of each sale to various marine conservation organizations.

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Domain Information

The website was registered on June 20, 2020.

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Refund Policy

Ocean Project has a 30-day return policy. The Refund Policy shows the address 3101 N. Central Avenue, Suite 183 #257, Phoenix, AZ 85012. A Google search shows the address as a rental space. The address is also utilized by Inspire Jewelry.

A business search via an Arizona government website (az.gov) did not render results for Ocean Project.

Image: az.gov website

Not Accredited By BBB-accredited

Project Ocean is not a BBB-accredited website. It is registered with BBB with a 1.27-star rating. The website, only a few months old, has already racked up quite a few negative BBB complaints regarding non-deliveries, overcharges, and missing items.

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The website does respond to the BBB complaints, referring to the customer by name. What legitimate company would start a customer complaint response by addressing the customer with “Hey” so-and-so?

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According to the numerous BBB complaints, it appears the website is only processing partial orders. Project Ocean’s responses are very unprofessional in the least.

Image: BBB

The partial order technique is the first for Nayzayerz. It is actually brilliant because it gives the website a leg to stand on. The customer files a BBB complaint, accusing Project Ocean of only processing part of her order. In response, Project Ocean has an unprofessional comeback with the customer’s tracking number. This puts the customer in a vulnerable situation since it would be nearly impossible to prove her case.

Ocean Project Line Derives From Alibaba

Several of the BBB complaints alleged Ocean Project ships from China. Well, this is a fact because all of its products are available through Alibaba and AliExpress. Not only will you only receive part of your order but also you are going to overpay by about $20.

Image: BBB

For example, the Save a Turtle Necklace is priced at $19.99, the Alibaba price is $1.25. Another example is the Ocean Project Skip a Straw Tee, which is priced at $29.99, the AliExpress is $4.99.

Facebook, Google AdSense, and Amazon Ads Can Be Fake

Unfortunately, the aforementioned companies do not have the interest of American consumers in mind as they continue to run ads for scam websites. A public ad is not enough to legitimize a website.

These scam artists are not based in America. They are most likely based in India, Nigeria, Africa, Brazil, or Malaysia, where they will not be held accountable for their illegal activities.

It is not the government, PayPal, Google, Facebook, or your credit card company’s responsibility to protect your investment. It is your responsibility.

Afterword – OceanProject.co scam

Is Ocean Project a scam? Of course, there is no doubt about it. One BBB complaint alleging only partial order received could easily be ignored. But, numerous of the same allegations are impossible to ignore.

The website processes part of the customer’s order, pockets the remainder and has a tracking number to dispute the complaint. This is a brilliant scam, making it extremely impossible to get a refund from PayPal or a credit card company.

Image: Alibaba

You can kiss the remainder of your investment good-bye, especially if your order was processed through PayPal. PayPal will instantly see the provided tracking number, see your order was delivered, and deny your refund request. Yes, it is that simple.

In addition to the partial order delivery scam, the customer is overpaying by at least $18 for a turtle necklace and $24 for a turtle t-shirt.

If you are purchasing from Ocean Project with the marine conservation donation in mind, you should stop and ask yourself is this website going to follow through with its 10% donation promise. After reading the BBB complaints, it is safe to say “no.”

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  1. They are nothing but scammers. You get a $4 piece of crap made in China with false tracking info.

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