OLECCI – Upselling AliExpress Knockoff Scam


Olecci.com is an e-commerce website. The OLECCI collection includes necklaces, bracelets, timepieces, rings, and glasses.

About The Vendor

The website does not have an About Us page. The Contact Us page does not provide a physical address or phone number.

Not-So Unique Collection

OLECCI promotes the same products as AliExpress and Alibaba. One example is the Vigor Choker, which is priced at $150. The same necklace is available at AliExpress for $3.29. The vendor does little to hide the necklace’s origin, as the websites utilize the same image.

Image: Olecci.com
Image: AliExpress

Another example is the Lelo Watch, priced at $155. The same is available at AliExpress for $4.74. Each item in the OLECCI collection is a replicate of AliExpress products.

Image: Olecci.com
Image: AliExpress

Domain Information

The website was registered on August 23, 2021.

Image: WhoIs

Not BBB-Accredited

OLECCI is not accredited by or registered with BBB.

Afterword – Olecci.com Scam

Is OLECCI a scam? With no physical address or other relevant information, it is impossible to validate the legitimacy of OLECCI. The website does not have a big online presence, just a few scam reports.

The vendor replicates images of a variety of products, all of which are available at Alibaba and AliExpress. This is a red flag that points to a dropshipping scam. While consumers may be under the impression, dropshipping is perfectly harmless, it is far from it. In order to dropship an item from Alibaba, the vendor must share the customer’s information with a third party without authorization.

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