One Shot Keto – Dietary Supplement Scam 1-Star Facebook Rating

0 is an online supplement vendor. One Shot Keto is a fat-burning dietary supplement. The website claims the supplement was part of a study where researchers were looking for a link between One Shot Keto and increased energy and weight loss. A Google search did not render results for the study.

One Shot Keto was featured in an AP News release. The article is not your average press release, as it is poorly written with tons of typos.

AP News – Fake Or Legit

AP News is owned and operated by Associated Press. The New York-based nonprofit news agency is connected to various news websites, including TS Newswire. AP News is a legit news website but this does not mean its content is legit. In fact, there is no way for the website to verify incoming articles prior to release.

Image: AP News

In another AP News article by the TS Newswire (Herrick Marketing Team) issues a “fake” scam alert for One Shot Keto. The contributor failed to provide the facts needed to validate the legitimacy of the supplement. Like the previous article, the content is filled with typos.

Image: AP News

Like other media outlets, viewers should be wary of content posted on AP News. All media outlets generate fake news, whether it be intentional or an oversight.

Domain Information

The website was registered on November 9, 2020.

Image: WhoIs

Not BBB-Accredited

The website is not accredited or registered with BBB.

Sales Pop Plugin

The website utilizes the Sales Pop plugin to entice visitors to purchase its supplement. Like the old saying goes “people follow the crowd,” which is why the plugin is effective. When visitors see evidence of recent purchases, they too will take the bait.

There is no evidence to validate the legitimacy of the plugin. The odds of it being legit are extremely low. A lot of online vendors utilize the Sales Pop plugin because they know it is effective, not because they want to boast legitimate sales.

Sold On Amazon

One Shot Keto is available through the Amazon Marketplace for $19.95. The supplement has racked up quite a few reviews and a 3.8-star rating. The Amazon rating system is questionable as well as its many 5-star reviews.

How does the One Shot Keto have a 43% 5-star Amazon rating with only two reviews? While Amazon claims to be doing away with “fake” reviews, it allows its third-party sellers to maintain their high ratings after removal of fake reviews. This really does not seem fair to consumers who are under the impression the global rating is legit.

Twenty percent of the global rating is 4-star with “no” global customer reviews. Same thing for the 18% 3-star rating.

There is no evidence that shows One Shot Keto buys fake reviews but it is not doubtful. When you shop on Amazon, do not head directly to the 5-star reviews. Instead, start at the bottom and work your way up to the top.

Like positive reviews, some negative reviews are questionable as well.

Return Policy

The Return Policy utilizes the phone number (888) 966-1522. A Google search does connect the phone number to One Shot Keto.

1-Star Facebook Customer Rating

The website has quite a following on Facebook. The following is comprised of angry American consumers who have been victimized by One Shot Keto.

Beverly R. Claimed she was scammed out of $198.70. Chase Carrick claimed he was scammed as well.

Dispute Resolution

It seems as if Ardent Keto is protecting its financial interest by requiring its customers to waive their right to file a lawsuit or join a class action lawsuit. It is crucial to read the Dispute Resolution Policy before investing in these products.


Afterword – One Shot Keto Scam

Ardent-Keto claims to be the face behind the OneShot Keto supplement. A Google search did not render results for Ardent Keto. Evidence is not available to validate the legitimacy of the manufacturer. One thing is for sure, the manufacturer’s AP News press releases are not written by a native English writer.

If Ardent Keto is legit, it is probably not American-based. There are quite a few supplements connected to the same vendor. These products include Slim&Cleanse, Super Immune, and Opto Vegan Super Protein.

Special effort has been taken to prevent consumers from filing lawsuits against the website. It is pertinent consumers are aware of the lawsuit waiver prior to initial purchases.

When you purchase supplements from unknown vendors, there are no guarantees. There is no guarantee of delivery, effectiveness, no side effects, or no medicine/medical condition contraindications.

Be sure to check out the website’s Facebook page, where you will find several ripoff complaints.

If you become a victim of this website, it is crucial you make your voice heard. File a BBB, FTC, and FDA complaints and do not stop until someone listens. Your credit card company will issue a refund for the full amount of your purchase if you file a chargeback. You probably will not get much help from eBay unless you file a BBB complaint once your refund request is denied.

American consumers are just to trusting and this is just example. The website says nothing about the manufacturer, business license, ingredients, or location.

One last thing, there is no proof Dr. Oz promoted this product. A Google search rendered a link to a YouTube video “One Shot Keto Dr Oz.” The link no longer worked.

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