Ontel Products Corp Arctic Air Pure Chill – Alibaba Dropshipping Scam


Getpurechill.com is an e-commerce website. The Arctic Air Pure Chill is a miniature air conditioner, humidifier, and purifier, according to the official website.

Image: Getpurechill.com

Other websites connected to Arctic Air Pure Chill:

  • Purechillshop.com
  • Arcticairpure.xyz
  • Ontel.com
  • Ontelcatalog.com
  • Ontelproducts.com

About The Vendor

The vendor is Ontel Products Corp at 21 Law Drive, Fairfield, NJ 07004. A Google Maps search did not render results. The facility at 22 Law Drive, Fairfield, NJ 07004 belongs to “Reliable Carriers,” an international logistics center. Googles Maps goes from 22 Law Drive to 19 Law Drive, skipping 20 and 21 Law Drive.

Image: Ontel.com

The facility at 16 Law Drive belongs to the cosmetic ingredients manufacturer, “JEEN International.” MAQUET Getinge Group owns the facility at 17 Law Drive.

Image: Google Maps

The customer support number is (866) 955-4574.

A business search via the New Jersey Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services website validated Ontel Products Corp as a Domestic Corporation.

Image: New Jersey Division Of Revenue And Enterprise

EverBlade Knives

Ontel Products Corp is also linked to EverBlade Knives. The vendor claims its EverBlade Knife is approved by As Seen On TV. A search on the official As Seen On TV website “asseenontvlive.com” did not render results for Ever Blade.

Image: EverBlade Knives Website

There is no evidence, Ontel Products went through the proper channels to seek As Seen On TV approval for its EverBlade Knives.

Image: EverBlade Knives Official Website

Nayzayerz has reached out to As Seen On TV customer support to inquire about EverBlade Knives.

Image: Asseenontvonline.com
Image: Asseenontvlive.com

Other Products Connected To Ontel Products Corp:

  • Ontel Breathe Easy Humidifier
  • Ontel Power Pod Emergency Phone Charger
  • Ontel Flippity Fish
  • Ontel Mighty Sight LED Magnifying Eye
  • Ontel Turbo Pump Delux
  • Ontel Magic Tracks Deluxe Double
  • Ontel Huggle Pet
  • Ontel Star Belly Dream Lite
  • Ontel Air Hawk Pro Tire Inflator
  • Ontel Glow Pets Commercial

Not Accredited By BBB

Ontel Products Corp has a BBB not, not accreditation. The company has a B+ BBB rating and 1-star customer rating, with 62 customer complaints in the past year.

Image: BBB

How BBB continues to give this company such a high rating is astonishing. With 62 customer complaints, regarding non-working products upon delivery, incompatibility, unauthorized credit card charges, poor quality products, and poor customer service.

Image: BBB

A great deal of the customer complaints is regarding poor quality or non-working products. The company also seems to have issues with refunds, refusing to refund even after receiving returned products.

Image: BBB

A customer complaint filed on August 26, 2020, drew our attention. The customer claims her order was never delivered. After disputing the charge with her credit card company. Ontel Products guaranteed the order was delivered, without validation. The customer questioned BBB decision to rate Ontel Products a B+, saying “their current B+ BBB rating is high, it needs to be dropped significantly.” Nayzayerz could not agree more.

Unauthorized Credit Card Charges

Several BBB complaints claim Ontel Products charged their credit cards without authorization. What is not surprising, the unauthorized charges were processed after the customers input their credit card information and address into the order form. The customers claimed their completed order forms were not submitted, but Ontel Products took it upon itself to process the orders.

Like other scam vendors, Ontel Products tries to entice its customers to delay credit card charges or chargebacks, according to BBB complaints. Customers have 60 days to dispute credit card charges. If the chargeback is not filed within 60 days of the initial purchase, the merchant will not be off scot-free.

Alibaba Replicas

After a brief Alibaba search, it appears each Online Products’ product has a replica. The Arctic Air Ultra is priced at $89.99 per unit, the Alibaba replica is priced at $13.50 per unit. The Huggle Pet “myhugglepets.com” is priced at $29.95, while the Alibaba replica is priced at $6.

Image: Getpurechill.com
Image: Getpurechill.com
Image: Alibaba

Pissed Consumer 1.8-Star Rating

The customer reviews are similar to the BBB customer complaints. Customers claim their orders were never delivered, products non-working upon delivery, no refund after items returned, poor quality products, and false advertising.

Image: Pissed Consumer

Ontel Products 40 Ripoff Report customer complaint, all the same.

Afterword – Is Arctic Air Pure Chill A Scam?

Is Ontel Products Corp a scam? Ontel Products is a New Jersey domestic LLC. However, the address does not appear to be valid. Most or all of Ontel Products’ products have Alibaba replicas. With this said, it is likely Ontel Products is an Alibaba/AliExpress dropshipper. A legitimate company would have unique products, not Alibaba replicas.

Image: Ontel Huggle Pet Website
Image: Alibaba

There are more than a few Alibaba dropshippers posing as domestic LLCs. Ontel Products is most likely an international dropshipper. While a New Jersey domestic LLC, Ontel Products has a long history of scamming American consumers. Its Arctic Air Pure Chill is nothing more than a USB PC fan, stored inside a small square, plastic box.

Legitimate companies would not process orders without authorization from their customers. Ontel Products has multiple customer complaints, regarding unauthorized credit card charges. All of the complaints claimed they input their information into the order form, but did not submit it. The information is stored in a database, where the merchant can retrieve it at a later date.

More public awareness is needed to deter American consumers from becoming victims of these international scam artists. US states need to take more precautions when processing LLC filings. There are just way too many domestic LLCs defrauding American consumers.

Fraudulent LLCs should be held accountable for their actions. Just because the vendor is a registered LLC does not protect consumers from fraud. International scam artists are not held accountable in the US or in their home countries.

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