Paws And Snout Premium Scam – Fraudulent Website


Unfortunately, Americans are at the mercy of so many online predators. The latest in the bunch happens to be Happiest Dog. The website claims its Paws and Snout Premium Balm can solve a lot of problems. It is another scam being carried out by shady individuals from outside of the United States. Furthermore, the website is overloaded with bogus reviews hoping to convince unsuspecting Americans that they should make the purchase.

This is a bad idea and it’ll lead to big problems. We’ll find out why below.

A Bogus Website

First and foremost, we should look at the website When doing so, you will see that the product has 117 product reviews. The problem is the fact that the website was registered at the beginning of this year. Most companies do not go from 0 Reviews to 117 product reviews in under 7 months.

In addition to this, the Happiest Dog Facebook page has 0 likes. There is a slim chance that the reviews on the website are legitimate. The reviews are bogus at best. It doesn’t help that the website’s “Add Review” button doesn’t work.

How are people adding reviews if you cannot add a review yourself? This confirms that the reviews were written by the individuals who are hoping to sell the product. With that being said, you’ll want to stay far away from Paws and Snout because it is a scam.

The Twitter account has all but 16 followers as well. Are we really to believe that the company someone has 100s of reviews?

As for the Instagram page, there is a good chance happiestdogofficial has purchased followers. While it has more than 5,000 followers, the actual images on that page have limited comments and likes. Most of the accounts following HappiestDogOfficial on Instagram have 1 or 2 posts. This includes Meeko_The_Labrador, Luca_Alfredo_Snauzer, Cora_Petunia, Dudley_thedog_, and others.

We have to laugh when the website claims it has been one year since “we launched our #happiestdog project” when the website was created on January 23, 2020.

Bogus Referrals

Furthermore, Happiest Dog has bogus referrals from other websites. is one of these websites. This website was specifically created by recommending Happiest Dog’s Paw And Snout Premium product. It has 2 posts and both talk about how great this product is. When digging deeper into the content, we can see that it is not written by an American although the site claims that the author is from the United Kingdom.

This site claims that Happiest Dog manufactures in Europe.

Fake Phone Number And Address

The website address is PO Box Collins Street West. There is no post office box number, city, state, country, or zip code. Google Maps could not pick the address up. The phone number +2342 5446 67 is also bogus.

If you go to the Contact Us page, you will find a different phone number and address. This address is Swortent Nr. 17, Antwerp, 1840. We ran a reverse address search and nothing came up. However, the website may be registered to someone located in Antwerp, Belgium. The phone number (991) 435 77 1623 is also fake.

There isn’t enough information to perform a business search.

Summary – Happiest Dog Paws and Snout Balm

Two ounces of Happiest Dog Paws and Snout Balm will set you back $29.90. Details about the ingredients are limited to vitamins A, E, and F and unrefined shea butter. You can get a similar product from a reputable American company for half the price.


When it comes down to it, people aren’t buying and using products from Happiest Dog. The products on this website do not have hundreds of reviews.

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