Pearlgobuy – Unrealistic Dog & Doll Peddler

2 is an online retailer of real-life dolls and stuffed animals.


About Us

The About Us page does not provide information that could be utilized to validate the website. The Contact Us page claims the website belongs to Guangzhou Pearlgo Technology Co., Limited, which is also connected to Pearlyo, Pearlfeet, and Pearlcozy.

The website utilizes the address 4F401, Building 2, Jiadu Technology Building #4, Jiangong Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou.

Trustpilot 1.2-Star Rating

A Google search rendered more than a few customer complaints regarding low-quality products. The complaints claimed Pearlgobuy’s realistic dogs and dogs look like they came from the Dollar Store. Other complaints alleged their orders were never shipped.

Image: Trustpilot

Chris W. gave the website a 1-star rating on December 20, 2020. Wherry claimed he placed an order that never arrived. He went on to question why Facebook allows fraudulent websites to utilize their ads service.

Image: Trustpilot

Other complaints alleged the Chines-made products were nothing like the images on the website.

Shipping Policy

Pearlgobuy claims to accept returns at No. 7 Yongda Road, Jingangcheng North Road, Huandong Town, Huadu District, Guangzhou, China.

Not BBB-Accredited

Pearlgobuy or Guangzhou Pearlgo Technology are not accredited or registered with BBB.

Domain Information

The website was established on October 30, 2020. The website is registered on Amazon AWS web hosting, which is not cheap by no means.

Image: WhoIs

AliExpress Look-A-Like

The products sold on the website are not unique, as they are available on AliExpress for a fraction of the cost. For example, the Realistic Teddy Dog Lucky is available through Pearlgobuy for $19.99 plus shipping. The AliExpress price is $1.76 plus $7.02 for shipping and handling.

Image: AliExpress

Afterword – Pearlgobuy Scam

Is a scam? It sure looks like it. The mere fact the same products are available on AliExpress for a small fraction of the Pearlgobuy price points to a scam. Never purchase until you conduct thorough research. There are hundreds of these unofficial websites, selling Alibaba and AliExpress products. They charge shipping, but never touch the products because they are dropshipped from Alibaba or AliExpress.

The same products are also available on Amazon for even higher than the Pearlgobuy price. For example, the Realistic Teddy Dog Lucky is being sold on Amazon for $21.88 and $24.49, both of which has 1-1/2-star customer ratings. How Amazon gets by with letting multiple FBA sellers peddle the same products under different brand names is amazing.

Image: Amazon

To legally sell rebranded products, the vendor must request authorization from the manufacturer. There is no way Amazon FBA sellers have gone through the legal channels to sell rebranded products. Amazon is complicit in these fraudulent activities. If Amazon didn’t own our corrupt politicians, this would not be permitted.

Just pay a few corrupt American politicians and do whatever you like, even though it violates branding laws.

As far as Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, and Google go, they do not even bother protecting American consumers from these scam artists. These corporal globalist companies care about nothing but lining their pockets with corrupt monies.

2 thoughts on “Pearlgobuy – Unrealistic Dog & Doll Peddler

  1. I appreciate your work. Amazon censored me after I posted critical remarks about Chinese products. If I try to post now, I get a pop-up that says there has been “strange activity” in my previous posts and it prevents me from posting a review, even on products that I purchase. Amazon: in bed with the enemy.

    1. We experienced the same response from Amazon. It is easy to see why Amazon would get offended by your remark because almost everything it sells is Chinese-made. You were telling the truth, but Amazon just cannot except it. We received a private message from one of Amazon’s third-party sellers. The message said Amazon was going to take extra steps to fight against dropshipping. Amazon claims it will be taking action to put a stop to dropshipping. This will probably never happen because it would be the end of eBay. Plus, it would put a major dent in Amazon’s profit.

      Amazon had so many returns after Xmas that refunds were given without the need to return the items to its warehouse. I’m sure this has a lot to do with its Chinese-made inventory. I bet its warehouses are filled to the brim with these junk returns.

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