PeopleWhiz Scam? Or Good Way To Identify Criminals?


You never know who you can trust. With that being said, you may feel the need to background check someone before allowing them into your home. It is easier to use the Internet to run a criminal background check on someone but the information you’ll find is not always accurate. PeopleWhiz claims that it can help you find the truth about anyone for as little as $14.95 a month. Should you use PeopleWhiz to research people in your life?

peoplewhiz business registration
Business registration California

About PeopleWhiz

According to record, is located at 9692 Melinda Cir in Huntington Beach, California. It is using the phone number (833) 276-9449. By doing a little research, we can find that this information is linked to the site’s principal Mr. Kourosh Cyrus Zahabian. The address is not a place of business and simply directs to a residential building. So, it is safe to assume that there is no headquarters for PeopleWhiz.

PeopleWhiz Inc is registered with the California Secretary of State. It was registered on 1/25/2017 with the entity number C3987085. Nevertheless, being registered doesn’t mean you’re dealing with a good business.


Free Search

By using PeopleWhiz, you can freely search for various information about one individual. The kicker is that you’ll have to pay to find anything significant. When researching a person’s name, you’ll like their full name, age, potential location, and relatives. You’ll quickly notice that some of this information is not 100% accurate. Nevertheless, it is close so you should be able to decipher it and figure out what is true and what isn’t.

peoplewhiz criminal records
You’ll likely always see this

As soon as you agree to run a report on someone, you’re going to receive a big warning that there were “Criminal Records Found!”. Even if that individual is the cleanest preacher you know, they’ll likely have criminal records because PeopleWhiz wants you to buy a report. The process is tedious and you’ll find yourself clicking next several times as you wait for the results to appear on your screen.


peoplewhiz reviews
PeopleWhiz complaints

BBB Complaints

While PeopleWhiz has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, it has 1 star among customer reviews. Most of those reviews complain that the information found on PeopleWhiz is inaccurate. In all likelihood, the website is grabbing information from public sources online and compiling that information for the user. Consumers complain that the reports are full of misinformation even when they’re searching for themselves.

It doesn’t help that you’re required to sign up for an account before you can obtain any significant information. The process is a headache and it takes too long.


Filing A BBB Complaint

The good news is that PeopleWhiz isn’t a complete scam. A lot of people have filed BBB complaints against the website and it appears that they’ve responded every time. On 3/28/2020, one user complained that PeopleWhiz is a scam because it does not report information on individuals searched. This customer was aware of a criminal record and PeopleWhiz did not find a criminal record for the person in question.

Still, PeopleWhiz gave this individual a full refund after the BBB complaint. Users also complain that they want to opt out of PeopleWhiz’s services but the company asks for a photo ID to do that. With a simple BBB complaint, it is possible to have your information removed without sending in a photo ID.

The moral of the story is that PeopleWhiz will most likely resolve your problem as long as you file a BBB complaint.

Should You Use People Whiz?

Ultimately, we cannot recommend PeopleWhiz. It has far too many complaints and tends to provide consumers with false information. It doesn’t help that you’ll have to pay for almost everything. And, you have to create an account before doing that. Most people don’t want to hand over their information to an unknown entity so we recommend avoiding PeopleWhiz.

On the flip side, it is good to know that PeopleWhiz’s customer support responds to all BBB complaints and tries to resolve problems. If you’ve used PeopleWhiz and have experienced a problem, it is a good idea to file a BBB complaint. Do so and PeopleWhiz will likely fix it.

3 thoughts on “PeopleWhiz Scam? Or Good Way To Identify Criminals?

  1. In my personal expirience, they are criminals..
    I check my name and they induce the searchers in thinking that I have a criminal background so that they can pay for my illegally collected information..
    I’m veteran from The Marine Corps And I have never been arrested or have a criminal record…
    I didnt buy or open an account to see my complete record because I know I dont have one..
    I went the website out of curiosity because it seems that they are affecting my credit score by openly selling my information.. because my privacy is not secure enough and I might have my information stolen by scammers my credit report sends me a warning..
    That is Criminal.

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