Perpay Inc. – Online Marketplace With A Payroll Check Repayment Plan

0 is an online marketplace that allows consumers to temporarily purchase products on credit. Qualifying customers receive a spending limit that can be applied to thousands of brand products. Customers agree to have payments deducted from their payroll checks until their balances are paid in full.

Perpay was founded by Chris DiMarco, according to the official website.


Perpay is accredited by BBB. The BBB registration shows the address 1217 Sansom St, #8, Philadelphia, PA 19107. A business search via the Pennsylvania Department of State website revealed Perpay as a “Fictitious Name,” which is not a copyright or trademark, but similar to a “dba”.

Image: Pennsylvania Department of State website

Perpay Inc. is an active business corporation at 2400 Market Street, Suite 300, Philadelphia, PA 19103.

Image: Philadelphia Department of State Business Search

The company has closed 37 BBB complaints over the past 12 months and 137 over the past 3 years. The complaints unauthorized charges, non-deliveries, and billing, shipping, and collection issues.

One of the BBB complaints is really interesting. The complaint claimed Perpay withdrew the full amount of the customer’s paycheck instead of the guaranteed partial payment. The company responded by claiming the full withdrawal was “an error.”

Image: BBB

Most of the BBB complaints are about non-deliveries. The customer places an order, Perpay withdraws the first payment from the customer’s paycheck, and the order is shipped and delivered. Somewhere along the line, the customer’s order is never shipped or shipped and lost in transport. The company most often responds by pushing the blame to a partnering distribution center. It also utilizes a “material shortage” excuse for non-deliveries.

Afterword – Perpay Scam

Is Perpay a scam? No, it is a legit Philadelphia-based company. However, the company does experience a lot of shipping issues, which are always contributed to a third-party distribution center, according to BBB complaint responses.

It is incompetent to withdraw the full amount of a customer’s paycheck instead of a partial payment. Even worse, the company refused to respond to the customer’s complaints, forcing her/him to reach out to BBB.

Just know what you are getting into before doing business with Perpay. Be prepared to file a BBB complaint if your order is never shipped or gets lost in transit. Several BBB complaints claim the company does not provide its customers with a customer support number. The BBB registration utilizes the phone number (215) 834-4200 just in case you have trouble locating it. However, some complaints claim the phone number does not work.

While the company has addressed nearly 40 BBB complaints in the last year, it may have had hundreds of sales with successful deliveries. Know the risks in advance, so you know to reach out to BBB if problems do arise.

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